Thursday, October 29, 2009

2009 World Bank Essay Competition Certificate

It was enough that I was able to join again this year. But then, it could have been better to have gone at least into the semi-finals. Nevertheless, it was good news already to have a finalist representative from the Philippines. The e-mail I received said that the news of the 2010 essay competition will be announced on their site by January 2010. For anyone who have chanced to read this, you could join if you are interested! There has been a number of quite interesting topics for the past years.


Maestro JheYzeE said...


U still have time in joining different competitions despite of your "domestic problems" whatsoever.

I commend you to that... Keep up... But don't forget your responsibilities, dude!

regards... take care and God bless!!

kristelle Joyce S. Endrenal said...


withonespast said...

Congratulations! Finalist or not, youre already a winner.

-"Kuya" Arnaldo :)

Pransism said...

Salamat Kuya!