Thursday, October 29, 2009

2009 World Bank Essay Competition Certificate

It was enough that I was able to join again this year. But then, it could have been better to have gone at least into the semi-finals. Nevertheless, it was good news already to have a finalist representative from the Philippines. The e-mail I received said that the news of the 2010 essay competition will be announced on their site by January 2010. For anyone who have chanced to read this, you could join if you are interested! There has been a number of quite interesting topics for the past years.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Viole(n)t Mugs Approach

The unplanned break from my very personal activities (Viole(n)t Mugs included and all the other blogs I am maintaining) proved to be immensely helpful and healthy at the same time. There was a point where I have almost felt extreme repulsion to typing my thoughts on the keyboard, as it seemed that the activity have become minuscule in comparison with the domestic problems I was facing. This vacuum period helped me get through with these ‘down times’ for I was able to rethink and rethink all those activities I have embraced for a quite some time now, without the aid of the democratic’ world wide web and computers themselves.

And Viole(n)t Mugs placed itself well within those things that need reconsideration first. And why not? VM is the embodiment of that seed idea about posting my write ups on the internet. It was conceived with a prospect readership in mind. It was thought not only to be a mere site with my written (or typed, to be more precise) stuff posted there, but also a place where possible readers could react about them and interact with me, as well as with other possible readers. I saw all these ideas resembling a virtual café where people are welcome to conduct open discussions and forums.

But of course, it was not designed in such a way as to give it an appearance of a forum. There are sites designed solely for such activities. As I read back into my past entries, I see that their core goals have not change considerably. Instead, my entries reinforced those goals as time passed. My view that politics should be a concern of the people is still intact, as well as my position not to exclude beliefs in my possible topics for discussion. Its nearly three years of existence is littered with announcements and (almost) silly entries but they add to the texture of the blog as a whole.

I do not see this reflection about the nature of my blog as a personal weakness; a flaw in my resolve to stick with I want to do. Instead I view this as an essential self-check if I what I am doing in this blog still pursues (at least) a coherent and logical pattern and not just a scribble wall (a virtual wall, that is). I laud those bloggers who I was able to make acquaintance of, for showing the strength to keep their blogs along the track of the topics they wanted. I have in fact felt great inspiration from those who have won awards for their blogs. They are just doing what they like and love to do and they are getting those things as bonuses.

Thus, I would remain true on the nature of this blog which characterized it since July 2007 – a personal blog. But then, the experience transcripts that shall appear here will, as the past entries have shown, relate to the fields (politics, science, philosophy, etc.) and events (i.e. current events, etc.) that I get to encounter in the course of my living. It is my belief that it is inevitable that we get to experience different things. I mean, I cannot possibly assume a ‘political attitude’ for that long without undergoing some changes in other aspects of my life. And I have seen that VM is a convenient place to describe those experiences and changes.

Readers/followers and comments would come now only as bonuses. What is essential is that we, all novice and established bloggers alike, are able to exercise that worn out phrase of ‘freedom of expression’.

Violent Mugs shall live on!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

LagosZine Issue 1-2: Pensees II

We’ve been unfortunately strained by our respective activities and so the release of the second issue would be a little late. We hope to upload the thing by weekend. Expect a more decent and thought up format for this issue as we decided not to relegate it to being just a mere scratch book. Also, we’ve been thinking of been calling up friends to throw in their creations and works once we have come up with a particular theme next month.

Two works for the month’s issue appear in LagosZine Blog ( Indulge!

+team mates for this issue +
pransisem.emralino + jesse.essej.cervantes