Sunday, September 13, 2009

Passing on the Torch: The Noynoy Candidacy

In a country divided by personal interests and greed (yes, greed), it was not surprising that the announcement of Noynoy Aquino’s candidacy for the 2010 Philippine Presidential Election was met with a mixture of opinions, both positive and negative. For all I know, one cannot really please anybody, even if you mother is the established mother of the country’s democracy.

Each, ultimately, is entitled to their own beliefs. Noynoy is my best bet for the race next year. Not because he has been the most popular; I cannot say that he is that popular given his standing in the current surveys. Not because of his parents; I have realized long ago that a stature of a person is not wholly dependent on the background of his or her parents. For me it is simply because he has the credibility to affirm again the vision of the Filipinos in general of what good governance really is. Let us do away with slogans such as ‘Strong Republic’. No words are needed if such strength shows itself already.

In a way, I could liken his situation with Among Ed, who has a clear desire of doing his job the clean way; really, a source of inspiration as I have put it earlier. But then, Noynoy is the one who have clearly been into the story of the people’s struggle for freedom, being the son of an assassinated opposition to the dictatorship, and a mother who rose to re-establish the democracy following the downfall of the regime. (But of course, the Aquino family cannot escape the problem of land reform where their own land in Central Luzon is in fact part of it.) He is to a large extent feeble, even the average citizen could easily attest to this, but that is not the sole criterion to exclude him from the ranks of those who deserve to lead us in the next six years (assuming of course, that there are still others). I would start out by placing faith (not in the religious context) that he could transcend the limitations of his present capabilities an situation and rise above the short-sighted opinion of those who do not have the desire to look again to what he could possibly do.

I would really want to see him gripping the torch of the presidency by next year. For even if he would receive the same criticisms that his mother received concerning the way she handled the problems of the country, we can at least be assured of a theft-free government at the highest level. Feeble as he may seem today, I believe he would not succumb to the same (loathsome) actions of the current administration.

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