Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Salamat, Maraming Salamat!

You have revived in our hearts what it means to be a Filipino, and I mean a pure Filipino. Thank you for offering up you life in this part of our history as a nation just for us to enjoy the freedom as a country. No eulogy, no amount of tears could possibly suffice to describe what you did for the country. Some may not understand fully what role you played in those trying times of 80’s but what is good to see now at these time of your funeral is that we have all rediscovered again that identity that we should live with everyday – and that is that we are Filipinos, for better or for worse, we are Filipinos and we must cherish this. Thank you President Cory.

photo from CANVAS Official Blog

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Maestro JheYzeE said...

I was in the Funeral Procession...

The hand in your blog might be mine... hahaha