Sunday, August 23, 2009


Better be aware of schemes such as the following:

C lyn 2 new number ko ito pki load u ako 115, my tatawagan ako emergency lng, d2 ako hospital ngayon babayaran ko din sayo.

I know a few people with the name of Lyn but I cannot see them asking me to buy them some load. They could have asked my mother first!

Congratulations! Pres. GMA CHARITY FUND. Ur Sim#have Won! P860,000.00. 08/17/2009 DTI PRMT # 4627 For more info?Pls call me now! I’m Sec. Katherine L. Madrigal.

What a load of crap! How many times have I received such crap? Three times? Ten times? And I have not even joined any raffle of any sort that is related to PGMA! Tsk.

People, be wary of these things. They will only stop if we prevent them from fooling us.

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mel said...

ngtext din sa akin yang lyn na yan... tsk tsk..