Sunday, August 9, 2009


Now that Cory has finally been laid to rest, attention inevitably falls to the people who showed sympathy to the grieving family, to the people who did not miss the corteges, to the people who showed that they support what Cory fought for and believed in. In this post-Cory period, can we still carry on what that Cory Magic has shown brought us?

For it was only natural for me to see people again in the streets – all dressed up in yellow shirts, laced here and there with yellow ribbons with all the placards bearing Cory’s and Ninoy’s names. It was simply a reliving of the late 80’s people power. Cory was an important part of that revolution and thus a mere form of reverence to a ‘democracy hero’ was shown by the people. I do not intend to ignore that fact that many of them expressed sadness in the passing away of Cory. Suffice it to say that the whole of Cory’s wake up to her funeral was composed of EDSA I recollections, nationwide grievance and sadness, politicking (as has been shown by numerous accounts on the internet and the media), and new battle cries of continued fight. The first three can be readily expounded on. But the last one that mentions of ‘patuloy na pakikipaglaban’ must be cleared.

In the death of Ninoy, the message coming from the people at that time was vivid – justice for Ninoy and an end to the dictatorship. And I found this here in the present only that it seems to point to blurred things. Well yes, the continued assertion of the Filipinos’ freedom and the defense of their democracy, that’s one. But I shall venture a little further for I think this is where I could possibly put the context in which Cory left her legacy today.

It concerns the administration of course. It was only recently that Cory asked the present leaders to maintain integrity of the government by resigning from their posts. One cannot miss it for it was big news at that time: they say that the 2004 elections were rigged and were taken to the highest level (read COMELEC level) of cheating. When Cory died she was still on her stand for these officials to go down and for the fraud to be exposed. Perhaps those chanting of Cory’s name and praises for what she has done for the country could create its own Post-Cory Magic by focusing ourselves to fighting to what are undeniably oppressions from the part of the leaders and degradation of our identity as a nation (to the point of losing such things that made EDSA I known world wide - democracy). Yes, we could create our own Post-Cory magic by standing by the power of the rule of law over the people, whether they are ordinary citizens or high-positioned leaders. This is what Cory showed in essence during that tumultuous late 80’s. She was branded a mere housewife but she took that fateful step forward and asserted to the people, in fact the whole world that freedom is what must be given to the people, not a dictatorship that spells only demise to the Filipinos. That step resulted in the downfall of a long-running regime and gave the world an example as to what people power could possibly do.

In a way, it would be an embarrassment if we plunge again to chaos just to straighten out things again in the country. At least for now the people are awakened again to the dire conditions of the society, thanks to the influence that Cory exerted despite her death. It now lies in our hands to use our rights and privileges intelligently for the betterment of the country. I know I know it shall be a long way. But remember that step I mentioned metaphorically earlier. We could all do exactly that. Simple actions could mean a lot.

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