Monday, August 3, 2009

2009 KAPWA sa UPLB UPCAT Review Aftermath

Despite the panic and seeming dog works behind, we have successfully launched again the 2009 UPCAT Review. We thank the students from Col. Lauro Dizon Memorial National High School, Del Remedio National High School, Laguna College, Laguna State Polytechnic University High School Department, Lakes City Christian School, Liceo de San Pablo, MSC-IT, Prudencia Fule Memorial National High School for being a part of it and for being active participants in the review. We have read your comments and your follow up text messages and all these really gave us inspiration to pull things through despite the hardships within our org. We hope the best for you in the exams!

Also, it would not have been that successful without the presence of Ser Bryan H. (HP Philippines, Society of Math Majors, KAPWA sa UPLB) and Ma’am Blaisie E. (Maquiling School Inc., UP GURO) for helping us out with the discussions of our test items.

I personally hope that we could finally settle things in our org and thus pave the way for a successful celebration of its 20th anniversary. Whew.


Anonymous said...

am i lost? nageexist pa pala kau? matagal ko nang inaantay na may maginvite sakin on one of your activities..hope to hear from you..kung may matutulong man ako, just text me here: 9163659647..renpot

Pransism said...

thank you.

Maestro JheYzeE said...

it is with deep and sincere apology for having not attended your request...

hopes nothing will change... hahaha


Pransism said...

that's alright.
the activity turned out well after all.