Monday, July 6, 2009

“Friendship, O Friendship”

(late one, was sick during the weekend)

Let’s keep this thing short.
I believe we must confine the essence (for lack of a good term) of the Friendship Day (what is it? click here) during that harrowing times of the World War II, where they, together with out veteran Filipinos, battled side by side. That is a more picturesque view of this friendship thing. Period. Nothing more.
For I could not see friendship with the way they treat our country only as a place where they could establish a (imperialistic) stronghold on the Pacific, with the way they play with our laws so as to maintain the image of superiority, with the way they shape the views of our citizens with the distracting activities on fashion, entertainment, among other, with the way they put extra strings to conduct and issue policies together with the already marionette government.
What’s with all the help extended to a large portion of the sectors of our country when in the end, we would all become the very victims of the monsters that their activities in the country are creating?

Photo from a recently released Kilometer 64 Chapbook, color inversion mine

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