Saturday, April 11, 2009

Maundy Thursday Creep

It was a particularly boring Thursday, with no one to talk to. And so I did myself some favor and made a circuitous walk around the city proper. I went twice to find no one at home and it rather gave me an immense feeling of boredom.
Later, mother finally arrived with an ominous plastic bag. She said this was the ‘seafood’ that an aunt of mine promised to her. It was from my aunt’s fisherman “boyfriend” from Quezon. Caring for nothing but for my stomach’s welfare, I decided to clean the thing myself. But what a surprise for both of us to note that it had a SHELL! Gawd, I cannot explain that sickening feeling that the thing was actually a turtle! I said we rather not eat it. We were actually both afraid to take a look at it. Anyway, I was able to amass a pack of courage and opened the bag. Well…
It looked like a squid/pusit (or whatever sensible name it should have) alright. But boy, it was immense! I spent half of the cleaning-time taking pictures of it, hehe.
Now don’t ask now if I actually ate that creature! (It was all but weird, it was all but weird. Gnawr!)
See the video at my Youtube Channel.

[Trivia: calamari/calamary: (Italian cuisine) squid prepared as food. | This is where we probably got the name “calamares”.]

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Maestro JheYzeE said...

how does it look like (and taste as well??? yummy??? hehehe