Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cuaresma Musings

It never ceases to amuse me whenever I see the devotion of the Filipinos to the traditions they have come to revere. And perhaps one of the most prominent of these is the observation of the Holy Week.
There goes again the typical Juan de la Cruz, trooping to obscure places in the provinces (notably on the foot of the mythical Banahaw, among other) to find refuge and seek the presence of the Almighty. Some sit up with the elders, chanting out the Pasyon; others participate in the Senakulo, the Penitensya, or get themselves crucified…literally.
As to those who seem to be less…ahm…(how should I say it)…religious, they go seek the white sand and the beach and bask under the glaring summer sun. Pure relaxation, so to speak.
As I myself have long abandoned the conviction akin to those who remember the sacrifice of the god-man called Christ, I choose not disparage the things that they are doing now for this week. After all, I have this belief that it does not matter what form of faith one has come to believe in, but the manner in which they carry on this faith. If it serves them well, we better leave them at that. Faith, as I see it, should be a matter of personal choice.
Nevertheless, I have always seen how holidays in the country have become instrumental in bringing families together, which I think is very good. Cultivation of love is one thing I would totally approve of. Olrayt!


* Palm Sunday, Lipa City
** Pen tattoo on my wrist, hehe

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