Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pulp Summer Slam 9 - Countdown to Extinction

Pulp Summer Slam 9 – Countdown to Extinction
Grammy-Nominated International Heavy Metal Act
Amoranto Stadium, Q.C. / Thursday, April 30, 2009
featuring Shepherd the Weak (Hongkong) / God Damn (Norway) / Unholy Ground (Australia) / Fire Fall Down (U.K.) / King Lychee (Hongkong)
with performances by

Rico Blanco, The Dawn, Greyhoundz, Kamikazee, Queso, Kapatid, Typecast, Dissent, Slapshock, Duster, Kjwan, Even , Mortal Fear, Bamboo, Nyctinasty, The Ambassadors, Skabeche, Chicosci, Andrea Marie, Sanctus, Bembol Rockers, Subscapular, Boy Elroy, Aurora, Paraluman, Black Tooth Grin

Tickets 240.
Tickets available at all Odyssey Outlets and Ticketnet and Merriam Webster Book Stores or log on to

Gates open at 12PM.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Echoing the Errors: the Etong Case

There’s the cleaning up of the seeming “crime scene” on one side…
And the obvious forceful warrantless arrests on the other…
The Etong Case is one heck of a mess and mystery, all concocted in a span of one week.

On One Side
There’s definitely wrong done by the Failons (or Etongs, to be more precise). Knowing Ted as an anchor, journalist, and broadcaster, I can confidently say that he knows already the thing about preserving the scene for the benefit of the investigators. Seeing how well it was all done – cleaning up of the bathroom, the vehicle, the ‘silencing’ of his household – one cannot help but throw some doubt on the idea that it is all but a mere suicide. Seeing these things done, one cannot help but throw in the idea that they are keeping something. (And if there’s any, I do wish that it will all be cleared soon…real soon.)
And then there’s the willingness of their intimates (friends and relatives) to seat with those ABS-CBN people, discussing matters related to the incident. Hallo!? Can’t you reserve your statements to the investigators? It would make matters much easier for all – to the investigating group, the Failon (Etong) family, and to the public as well.
As for the media in general, is there no more thing nobler than racing to make scoops on different issues? It mars the image of the media industry, not to mention the fact that it actually spoils the already-deteriorating trust and confidence of the public in the media. Hay..whatever.

On the Other Side
“I don’t fault the police…,” says a rap group. But seeing them neglect the crime scene (allowing mediamen to poke around the Failon house), neglect the Miranda Rule, and make warrantless arrests on some of Failon’s relatives (for the reason that they go annoyed with them, ha-ha) is something that the whole police force should reflect upon. They are the ones who should show the general public that the law, as well as the right of the people, is to be respected. With that brute-like attitude the Philippines saw on TV on the arrests made on that fateful Thursday night, I am yet to put pride on those blue-costumed public servants.

In the End
I hope to learn the whole truth about the case soon. I, for one, do not want to see this case filed into the aging databases of our police, joining numerous other unsolved cases of the pulisya. I hope that the attention that the media gives to the case serve as a catalyst in arriving at the conclusion of the incident.

“Justice System. Is there justice in the system? Or is it just us in the system?”
Corporate Avenger, Web of Lies

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**Miranda Rule: The rule that police (when interrogating you after an arrest) are obliged to warn you that anything you say may be used as evidence and to read you your constitutional rights (the right to a lawyer and the right to remain silent until advised by a lawyer). WordWeb.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Celebrate Life

As people celebrate on this Easter, let these works remind us that there is more to life than we could imagine. Woo!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Maundy Thursday Creep

It was a particularly boring Thursday, with no one to talk to. And so I did myself some favor and made a circuitous walk around the city proper. I went twice to find no one at home and it rather gave me an immense feeling of boredom.
Later, mother finally arrived with an ominous plastic bag. She said this was the ‘seafood’ that an aunt of mine promised to her. It was from my aunt’s fisherman “boyfriend” from Quezon. Caring for nothing but for my stomach’s welfare, I decided to clean the thing myself. But what a surprise for both of us to note that it had a SHELL! Gawd, I cannot explain that sickening feeling that the thing was actually a turtle! I said we rather not eat it. We were actually both afraid to take a look at it. Anyway, I was able to amass a pack of courage and opened the bag. Well…
It looked like a squid/pusit (or whatever sensible name it should have) alright. But boy, it was immense! I spent half of the cleaning-time taking pictures of it, hehe.
Now don’t ask now if I actually ate that creature! (It was all but weird, it was all but weird. Gnawr!)
See the video at my Youtube Channel.

[Trivia: calamari/calamary: (Italian cuisine) squid prepared as food. | This is where we probably got the name “calamares”.]

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cuaresma Musings

It never ceases to amuse me whenever I see the devotion of the Filipinos to the traditions they have come to revere. And perhaps one of the most prominent of these is the observation of the Holy Week.
There goes again the typical Juan de la Cruz, trooping to obscure places in the provinces (notably on the foot of the mythical Banahaw, among other) to find refuge and seek the presence of the Almighty. Some sit up with the elders, chanting out the Pasyon; others participate in the Senakulo, the Penitensya, or get themselves crucified…literally.
As to those who seem to be less…ahm…(how should I say it)…religious, they go seek the white sand and the beach and bask under the glaring summer sun. Pure relaxation, so to speak.
As I myself have long abandoned the conviction akin to those who remember the sacrifice of the god-man called Christ, I choose not disparage the things that they are doing now for this week. After all, I have this belief that it does not matter what form of faith one has come to believe in, but the manner in which they carry on this faith. If it serves them well, we better leave them at that. Faith, as I see it, should be a matter of personal choice.
Nevertheless, I have always seen how holidays in the country have become instrumental in bringing families together, which I think is very good. Cultivation of love is one thing I would totally approve of. Olrayt!


* Palm Sunday, Lipa City
** Pen tattoo on my wrist, hehe

Sounds and Looks Like…

Tssssssssssss. Sounds and looks TRAPO to me. Whatever. Perhaps debunks the things I have said of this man last December (see here: Mar’s Mura). Anyway. See for yourself if you haven’t seen this kind of thing before. Hay Pilipinas.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Deconstructing Panlilio

(Well..sort of.)
It is not uncommon to notice politicians in the Philippines making noises here and there already for an election that is still more than a year away. The late-2009-deadline for filing of candidacy is not an excuse for fussing about it this early. It only shows the intensity of the Filipino’s hunger and thirst for position...or shall I say…power?

Beyond the confusions of which candidate to endorse by which party, there rises a pretty much different issue associated with what I call ‘Presidentiable Problem’. It is about the notorious Pampanga Governor Ed Panlilio.

His rise to the office can be a source of inspiration for anyone, having gained the trust of his kababayan and the chance to serve in a public office. From an obscure life in priesthood, there goes the now much-revered public servant, exemplifying that reform is still possible in these times.

But at the face of the coming 2010 Presidential Election, all seems black against him. He would be up against tough and influential politicians (traditional ones, who else) with all the necessary p.r. and full financial backing – you know, all the usual support any aspiring candidate could possibly need. Perhaps Father Ed could obtain them soon too, but, would it all be worth it?

Soon enough, we’ll know his final say on the calls for him to run for presidency, but whichever way he choose, I hope that he should consider several important things; things that, as far as my little brain could conceive, would serve to crystallize for him the most reasonable action take.

First, he should really take into consideration the political situation in the country. There is nothing wrong in flaming the torch for reform but being too idealistic would probably bring him nowhere. I myself believe that he should not get discouraged in the event that he’d come clashing with the big guys in politics. But, if at the present time, it would be better to serve first his province, he should stick to it. It doesn’t reduce him to nothing to take away the thoughts of running for president. Instead, he might probably make the wisest decision of his since he became a public servant.

Which brings me to the second point. Recall that he has been a priest all this time. Building experience from serving his province would do him more good that plunging into an arena he probably has only vague ideas. One only has to recall our dizzying studies in economics to imagine the mountain of problems he would probably meet if he gets elected, without the arsenal of knowledge about it mechanisms. I would say this not to disparage any existing organizations or groups, but no amount of reading – of the Scriptures for that matter – could fill in the need for experience in public serving. Panlilio really has to do his work to the fullest in order to ascend to the next level. Assuming the character of an idealist won’t get him into any higher position much the same way as they see Rizal’s fate (they say he would never get elected) if ever he run for a public office at these times.

I have nothing against the seeming meddling of the church in politics. After all, they are citizens much the same as everyone else. But it is a personal hope that they won’t overdo it, as in the end, whatever wrong move they do would reflect the image of the whole Church. (And I know they don’t want to have its name marred.)

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