Sunday, March 15, 2009

V i a j e !

The hardships of being an uwian (sorry, can’t think of any decent English translation for it now) have already come to my knowledge years ago and in fact experienced them. But I should say that there are things that prove to be memorable in traveling (back and forth, as in my case).
Just the other day, a number of activities engaged me and compelled to spend almost half of the evening in Elbi. I have only freed myself around midnight and was darn making sure not to board a kolorum jeepney (jeepneys that are not really meant for the riding public). Although I cannot recall it clearly, it seemed that I was the only passenger on this particular night.
As to the story, my travel back required traversing an area of rice fields. As the moon was shining brightly that time, man, the place was beautiful! Imagine it: a wide plain dotted with sleeping houses, all in dark but somehow the moonlight makes them look pretty much awake. I could not help but recall Nick Joaquin’s Rizal in Saga in which it was mentioned that was Jose Rizal allowed to do horseback riding (in Biñan I think) whenever there was moon.
And the travel up the mountain part in Imok and San Marcos was equally amazing. I literally poked my head out to look to the entangled trees of coconut, bananas, among other, and see how the moonlight passes through their leaves and branches. I could have wished to the driver to stop for a while (or alternatively, I wish I have a car of my own!) and allow me to listen to the night sounds that must certainly been there – by lizards, night birds, who knows what creatures were there!
Nature, indeed, has its way making you feel good on the inside.

*Photo taken back in January 2007 in .U.P. Los Baños

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