Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Short Note on Ninoy II

There’s much reason to think (or worry) about the recent release of the 10 convicts connected with the assassination of Ninoy Aquino. Perhaps, despite having served their sentence, one would look at it as a disconcerting event that entails a lot of questions.

Does it suggest that the event, the issue of the killing, is finally over?

No, no, no. I would like to bring into attention that the person that was killed was a key person (an opposition) during the martial rule. His daughter Kris is of the same statement, adding that by releasing those soldiers, what his father has done to the country might gradually fade into oblivion. And on a personal note, she also said that they lost a loved one, and on learning this news of release (of these crooks) is somewhat affecting them.

I wasn’t still born when the event unfolded in our history; but having read about them, and about some of the things that resulted from that, I’d say that this would not end in their release. Perhaps it opens more channels for looking into how well justice is really effected in the country, or for looking on the extent of the Filipinos’ reverence of their heroes, and perhaps on a small scale, looking on what it means to have a real sense of history.

Maybe I’d permit myself to be called a fan of Ninoy, if it would serve to approximate the thoughts and feelings I have on this hero’s life. There’d be news again concerning this release and of the double-murder case, but this I believe, would not, in any way, affect the reverence that the Filipinos have for Ninoy. For as long as we have these men and women, aside from Ninoy’s family, the legacy left by Ninoy would be guaranteed to be passed onto the next generation of Filipinos (and onto future history makers).

Buhay ka Ninoy sa mga Pilipinong naiintindihan ang ginawa mo para sa Pilipinas!

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