Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pransisem on Francism (Part Two)

That pause for reflection? It actually started after rummaging through the already widely-read blogs of Francis Magalona and his family. There was really something that clicked on my inside upon getting the whole story of his battle against cancer. As I’ve said of many other situations and events, knowing FrancisM now actually humanized him, at least for me.
As to his courage and bravery (for I can’t think of a more ‘toned’ down term/s to describe it), there is no reason to doubt it. Read about his fight, from start to finish. I believe his strength (unbelievable for me) is rooted upon two things: first, accepting the facts as they are, and two, having tremendous amount of love, affection, and support from his loved one (not to mention from his friends and fans).
I thought I would only read such strong husband-and-wife bond in books or perhaps see it in movies. But there it was, Pia making the most of the times that are left for her and her husband and showing love in every way possible. I am not emo (and should I say, I’ve never been an emo in its popular meaning) but there was actually an entry in their blogs that sipped through my system (in layman’s term: that have almost made me cry, hehe). Man, if you have a wife or children or relatives with you, or girlfriend or boyfriend that you really intend to marry, love and show them love every single day.
[If there’s any chance for me to make a wish that concerns relationship/s, that would be having the knack to show genuinely what I really feel for the people around me (as I was raised in an ‘atmosphere’ in which it was not really encouraged) and finding the very person that would serve an equally genuine partner (hope it’s you, darn it; let’s keep it at that, ‘hB.).] Perhaps, I should risk the view that love simplifies many things.
Upon digging into his life, it made me think that there is much more in doing just one thing – that doing an activity does not limit you at that; if one is creative enough, one should find that every vocation can serve for a noble cause.
And this I saw in the works of FM as he employed the powerful (powerful it is) influence of music in talking about the Filipino pride, nationalism, and the social conditions of the Philippines and its people. It makes you really proud that we are kayumanggi, born from this beautiful archipelago – indeed being a Filipino. The people’s interest in his merchandise that carries Filipino symbols attest to this.
If all these are his choice of form of activism (in our context of the word, since I found out that it bears different meaning in some dictionaries), then I am bound to follow suit. There is much more than what we do in talking about the Philippines and its conditions. As for me, there is still this chance and opportunity to expand my understanding of the issues and bring more life in writing them down.
Aren’t we proud of having such Filipino fellow as FrancisM who transcended boundaries and inspired most of the people?

*Image captured from the music video of “Koro” by Greyhoundz feat. Queso(?), Gloc9 and FrancisM, look for it at

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