Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pransisem on Francis M

(Bridge the gap, spread the love; Light the torch, raise the flag)
Ang pag-ibig ay liwanag, And liwanag ay pag-ibig*

Let us set aside the issue on rap being distinctively labeled apart from other genres of music. The fact that most of the people I know, even if they don’t seem to me music lovers at all or know anything about rap (music), only shows the influence this person have had on them. Francis Magalona has finally passed away and a general feeling of surprise is what I observed from most of the people. They said he was on his way to recovery and yet we still got this sad news. The Philippines has lost its so-called ‘Master Rapper’.

Perhaps I now have a fair understanding of what it means to lose someone or something (see the entry on Simba the Cat), even if not directly related to you at all. The extent of the influence of someone or something to an individual generally dictates his or her reaction/s.

To me, it was on the reason that the ‘songs’ he wrote contributed in making the people aware of the things connected with the Philippines – on being Filipino being the most prominent. I’d surely remember him as Filipino-rapping man who has an intimate relationship with the Filipinos in general and of course from the movies in which he appeared. The music industry lost one of its monuments but the ‘music’ he crafted is yet to remain.

Mga kababayan ko, Dapat lang malaman n’yo

Bilib ako sa kulay ko, Ako ay Pilipino**

*(Francis M. in “Koro” with Greyhoundz) / **(Francis M. “Mga Kababayan Ko”) / /

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Maestro JheYzeE said...

i really have one question:

HOW great is his lost to the industry???