Sunday, March 15, 2009

Library Alive!

Since the lost of my wallet which unfortunately contained my ID, I haven’t visited much our library. Well, I was able to enter occasionally late last year just to finish through my essay I submitted to Radical History Review (which was subsequently rejected, hehe). But since my registration form is already tattooed with provisions for temporary visits, it no longer worked for them. NO ID, NO ENTRY.
Finally, after months, I was able get a new one, weeee!, although not that beautiful like the first one (as if my face there changed, haha).
The lay-out has already changed (ex. the circulation section is already on the ground floor) and I am not thorough familiar with it yet. But the good thing about the lib today is that it is already…charan!...air-conditioned! Whew. It made the place more attractive to me. Man, lounging at 23 degrees Celsius while it is all searing heat just beyond the glass windows is something I am thankful for, hehe.



Maestro JheY-zeE said...

i'll soon visit again UPLB and see for myself the changes and innovations that had happened to the university LIBRARY...


Pransism said...

relax at smokin' 18 degrees!