Friday, February 20, 2009

A Simba Tribute

I lack the energy, the will to come up with a flowery title for this entry not because I am physically tired. It’s just that the whole idea of putting words in memory of something, perhaps someone who/which has recently passed away is an activity I am not used to be doing. And so I ended up with a simple yet direct description of what this stuff is all about – a short tribute to what I can think of something...someone who has touched the hearts of certain individuals.
It was but a curt message that I received: “Patay na si Simba”. The shortness of the statement that brought the news has unnerved me. For I know that beyond those ordinary words, there was a swelling of feelings, a shadow that falls in the departure of something...of someone.
Despite having only short encounters with Simba (my fingers would suffice for the count), I have seen how deep man can be so attached to animals. Simba was well fed, well taken care of, spoiled, cleaned, among many other things an ordinary animal do not usually receive. Simba has come to dominate the playful, if not the childish, aspect of my intimates who own Simba. It the literal sense, Simba was adopted member of the family. Simba could roam the house freely, enter rooms at will, rummage through the food in the kitchen; Simba was well at home.
Just a few days earlier he was caught in a singular accident, passed on to the care of a veterinarian but is now dead. Simba has left a family...Simba’s own family.And I would hold my mouth at these moments about getting so moved by the passing away of something...someone as an insignificant dot in the world as an animal. Yeah, I know there is more to grieving for an animal that we could perceive.
Experience has taught such feeling when a puppy of mine – a white one to which I’ve become so fond of – was rudely taken away from me simply because Whitey (his moniker) was so noisy at night. I remember getting to a corner upstairs, hiding just behind an old drawer, and crying the whole afternoon, bitter (yeah, I could say I felt bitter at that time) for giving away what I knew was a part of me, a part of my being.
In a way, I could say that getting attached to animals take us closer to nature itself, realizing along the way that we – man, nature and its inhabitants – are intricately connected with each other; that we are in fact an ecological family, differentiated only by our features and functions in this world.Simba, do not worry, for your memory would live on for those whose lives you have touched.

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