Saturday, February 14, 2009

Q (PAX): Did you distract the Class? A (SISEM): We did!

Ok. Let me start with a statement. We played on the semi-finals part of the DeMolay Class Distraction 8 (in UPLB of course) and the play totally sucked. Perhaps by stating that I’ll be able to free myself from any inhibitions of what I really want to say about that harrowing night.

I have fully recovered after 5 minutes or so thanks to one of the truest friend I have encountered in my whole life – Jesse (chong you deserve a link to your blog here, wait lang ha? hehe).

We had a brief kulitan (no more than 2 minutes I think) with p-i-c then proceeded to get everyone home. As for me, I immersed myself to the video of the play and tried to get anything rational in there. Arc, the best ang mga comment mo! Nanunuot sa buong pagkatao ko! Haha. I felt that semi-nightmare was finally over when we had that brief stop-over somewhere in Quezon. That was around 4am already I think. Salamat ‘Manager’ AJ for the meal at sa ride at gasolina! Bow.

Lessons, lessons, lessons. Hmm. Sometimes we have to trust machines. Period. Number two: I realized for myself that music is something that I can never pull out of my system, no matter how grueling the struggle with the guitar is. I know for myself that everything is just starting (the ‘Resolve’ entry). It’s good that the rest of the group was on the same thinking that we should make the event a challenge to transcend whatever we are doing right now. If Red Letter Day is the training ground, I’d gladly endure.

Thank you’s naman. Heto heto. Una sa napakalupet na kaklase, kaberks at kakulitan na Mim! Chong, salamat sa pagpapaboto. Kakahiya talaga, haha. Saka syempre heto ang ang mga bumoto. Kung may nakalimutan man ako, hindi sinasadya. Salamat sa inyong lahat!

Aday Ladievence, Aimee Cagalawan, Amielyn Pinsan, Arenbi, Arcena, Arvin, Aubrey Grace Flores, Bidamens, Blesyz, Carla, Christian Bringino, Christine Joy Urriquia, Crisaulo, Erica Reyes, Flor Ely, Formeloza, Gareth, Geo Mery Absin, Gwapo, Hanniel Ricaforte, Hazel, Horhe, Ja, Janelle Marasigan, Jayjay, Jem, Jemuel Clemente, Jesse Razon, Johanna Erika Tan, Joey Danila, Joschelle Ligaya, Joseph Salvador, Julius, Justine Adrianne Tolentino, Karen Malitao, Kath, Katheleen Lungub, Kaye Cabal, Khay, Kimberly Violanta, Kristia, Krysna, Lawrence Alfred Mercene, Maria Alimagno, Maria Celina May Aquino, Maricruz Marbit, Marissa, Mary Joy Almazan, Mas Gwapo, Mewin, MJ, MJ Man, Nerissa Sangre, Noreen, Pappie, Patrick Bon, Pinakagwapo, Polo, Prince, Prince Gwapo, Raji Roullo, Ralph, Rexford Salvador, Rizza Laguartina, Rizza Mae Arenas, Ronalyn, Rousseau Soriano, Sheryl Agapito, Suzette Morales, Thesa, Tristan Edgar Urrea, Yelloh Rhaiza Liban, Yeye.

Perhaps I could pull myself together now, get on with my phoenix concept of existence and get back to more serious things.

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