Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To Vote “YES” or Not To Vote “YES”, That is The Question

There is a battle indeed at the university today, a battle between two simple yet decisive answers – a Yes or a NO. This pertains to the raging issue of the “SR Referendum” which in fact caused a wave of confusion on the part of the students in general and a bunch of discussions and talks about it by some student political parties and organizations (who would not recall that Convocation in Baker?).

In brief, here’s the story.
(Disclaimer first pala muna: all the things that would follow were derived from the wall news, circulars, fliers, and other posted materials around the campus which I painstakingly read in order to understand the issue. Blame my head if any inaccuracies arise from this post.) The new UP Charter imperils (so they say) the Office of the Student Regent. And the widely-disseminated info is that there was no official student representative in the highest policy-making body of the UP System since the university’s establishment, not until 1986 I think. And given the seemingly subtle moves to commercialize and privatize (so they say) the country’s premier university, then the existence of the Student Regent (SR) in the Board of Regents (BOR) should be preserved and maintained in order for the largest sector of the university (the students) to have a voice in any decisions that would concern the fate of the university.
The “referendum” itself pertains to the Codified Rules for Student Regent Selection referendum. Voting a YES would in essence maintain the status quo (its usual ins and outs) in the selection of the Student Regent, while voting for a No entails some sort of revision in the way the Student Regent is selected. It was on this context that some groups in the university are no having a battle of words.
A political party in UPLB is advocating for the NO Vote for the reason that they want to make some amendments in the way the Student Regent is selected. They cited a number of things which I would not mention here for brevity’s sake but the other groups such as the Student Council in particular, are disagreeing in this thing as they see it as quite “divisive to the students”. It’s a mind-boggling thing, unless one chooses to spare time to think about this issue.
Well, no matter where their criticisms for each other take them, I personally have my decision now on the issue. I will vote for a NO.
I actually said this thing to a member of Perspective (our university’s official newspaper) and she was quite against it. Well, kanya-kanya tayong decision, hehe.
For me, what those guys put forward as necessary amendments is good anyway. Pretty good, I think so because it gives more prestige in the selection of the SR. They may seem a little technical in a way but the content of what they want are really helpful. Now, I would admit that if the NO votes win, well, the story would be quite extended. UP Students who are quite familiar with student-related stuff would definite remember the General Assembly of Student Councils which is associated wit the SR selection.
And so I would not fuss about it if the students are divided between these two votes. If ever OSR is abolished (too gross and too soon), we could always rally it out and fight for it. We are a bunch of rally-oriented students anyway. So why would worry about changes? UP students ought to be used to changes, constant changes, I think.
Tss, whatever, hehe.


Maestro JheYzeE Rabena said...

well, just recently heard of this issue. one thing is for sure, having a STUDENT REGENT at the BOR means a lot for the whole studentry. Nevertheless, with or without this office, the university must not forget its mission to inculcate the freedom to everything especially to the academics per se.

(hehehe, nagpaparamdam ako sa iyo tol, musta???)

Pransism said...

thanks for the note maestro!
student representation is of course an important thing in the university.

(chong,may atraso pa 'ko sayo,hehe.
pasensya na.just having a number of domestic problems dito e.ingats!)