Friday, January 9, 2009

San Pablo City CoCo Fest In Black and White

As I am writing this stuff right now, programs are already being held at the San Pablo City Plaza to kick off the 2009 San Pablo City Coco Festival.

Yeah, along with this festivity, for sure, are the coming of tourists; artists (whether in music or TV personalities); the flow of beer (the infamous beer plaza); all night sound trips and food; lots of fireworks; and lung fireworks, that is, cigarettes (and other ‘smokes’). It is indeed a good way of boosting our city’s tourism, if one would look at it. I myself have taken part in the celebrations since I was little kid (doing those silly dances at the patio, eeww.)

But as I make my usual evening stroll on our city’s streets, I could not help but notice the growing numbers of groups taking part in the festival…in their own ways.

Vagrants decorate the dark street corners. “NPAs” (obviously vendors themselves of varied products and stuff) occupy business-establishment parking lots where they cook their rice and most likely their dinner. Side-street vendors occupy most of the length of the streets leading to the most-frequented places. All of them, I suppose, are counting on the coming fest to earn a little something for themselves…

I would not move other individuals to sympathize with these people. Compassion, after all, is a personal conviction. But I just hope that the city government can do something about it, to clean up the streets of guys who seem to me are really out-of-place – out in the cold, cemented portions of the city proper; sleeping and letting their bodies thin out.

I can see the enthusiasm and anticipation of the San Pableños in seeing the plaza being decorated for the coming events. Well I do hope that we all be equally avid in making the city devoid of disappointing evening sights.

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Anonymous said...

A place where coconut trees seems to outnumber the towns inhabitants.

Pransism said...

fairly true.=)