Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pre-Valentine Sentiments

No point getting so e-motional in here. But I don’t think it’s silly to say something about what I am feeling towards certain events of the past months (or is it days?)
I am fairly aware of the fact that no one’s perfect in the first place. That’s why I personally scold myself (if there’s such a thing) whenever I feel so so so bad about things that go quite out of hand.
It’s that darn love affair of course. Heck yeah, been quite to a number, all of which has their own up’s and down’s. But, you know, I’m just getting quite disappointed to myself for feeling that I am always the one who screw things up.
I’ve been thinking that now that I am starting to set myself into a new direction, all things would change. Well, just like in physics, all goes well only in theory. And I hate to admit it, but the same thing applies to relationships…well, I prefer to call them partnerships.
It’s irrelevant to say that I’ve been far mature than them because I know for myself that I have acted quite stupidly in some point in time. But, seeing things now today, I just hope that I won’t get stuck understanding the other side. I wish she would attend to me as well. That’s quite child-like I’d say. But I am fairly confident of one thing – that partnerships or relationships are always governed by the same old of mechanism of give-and-take.
(Sighs. I want some smoke..)

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