Monday, January 26, 2009

Of Harrowing Night and Choreography

[Looking back now, it has been really a release getting over that ‘church’ thing. It’s been a year and still no regrets. Now I can freely slam on the guitars.]
I know I should not make so much fuss about what we did last week but I felt it was a fulfilling thing and so, worthy of making some note of it here.
We auditioned for a band competition and that fateful Thursday night was quite harrowing. Although now, I don’t have bad feelings anymore for my buddies in the band, I think it made me realize that no matter how well you prepared for a thing, some mishaps may happen along the way.
We weren’t able to play on Thursday night but Friday became the night – and I mean the night. Rain did not stop us from pushing through now. The other guys in the band were quite geared up this time. (I swear it could have been a very bad performance if we pushed through for that Thursday audition.)
As for me, I did achieve that first ‘level’ of freedom of expression in musical aspects. I have taught myself not to dance anymore in its strictest sense but I think I saw myself ‘dancing’ with our music. And it made that (+/-) 20-minute performance really worthwhile.
(The open fields on February would be the next stop.)

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