Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Intelligent, huh?

I was rummaging through my things again the other day when an old newspaper clipping (I used to collect stuff during that sem when I was underload) fell out of I don’t know where. Well, I naturally looked on it and discovered that it was a part of a Sunday issue of Inq.
The article in the “Discover” column attracted my attention. It was about the usual tendency of people, mostly students, to use longer synonyms, edit lay-outs, etc., to meet the requirements of some (if not most) of our writing ‘stuff’ in schools. A study described there busted this trick because making our papers appear superior and intelligent-‘sounding’, to a certain extent, diminishes their quality. (If you have done such a thing or any experience about it, do share it here!)
In a way, I am guilty of this thing because I used to have that thinking that getting pretty technical would get me somewhere, perhaps get the attention of some editors out there, hehe. Nevertheless, I have gotten over this bad habit and I’m always on guard now if I am being way beyond comprehensibility.
The article ended with an advise when wiring something – just state the facts as straight-to-the-point as possible. Although there are some limitations, this thing is far better than getting caught in a jargon. (Peace!)

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer. December 3, 2005. Science/Health. Writing intelligently in “Discover” by Massie Santos Ballon, B3.


sleepmoonfaerie said...


hahah, nice post. well, that's exactly how it is in writing for the web. it's as if you have to write to be understood by high school students. :)

it takes some getting used to, i guess, especially for full-fledged journalists and intellectuals (like you? :)) but it's pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

ps. is there something wrong with your blog's layout. i cant see the older posts. or ako ba ang mali? ive been meaning to ask you for a while kaya kita in-add sa YM.

Pransism said...

thanks for that note ate.

nung nabasa ko nga ung article eh bigla kong naalala ung try-out ko sa vibal (busted ako dun,haha) kc lagi nilang sinasabi na dapat one really has to stick with what you just need to write about.

ay ate,medyo ine-edit edit ko po ung bilang ng posts na lumalabas eh. default ko po ay last 10 entries. pero gusto ko munang makita ung medyo latest,hehe. pero ibabalik ko na po,hehe.

na-i-add nyo na po ba ako sa ym?=)

sleepmoonfaerie said...

a woki hehehe.. :) shunga lang talaga ako, diko kasi makita yung Older Posts link. woki lang yan hehehe

in-add na kita kaso biglang banned na YM sa opis. :| kakagigiiiiill!! pati mail di na maaccess ang sama sama nilaaa. is that even legal?? wapak.

Pransism said...

dati sa irri monitored nila ung sites na pinupunta mo pag work hours tas pag nagpunta kang friendster or similar sites 'pag oras ng trabaho mapagsasabihan ka,hehe.

sleepmoonfaerie said...

hay nako kami din. naverbal warning na nga ako e X-\