Friday, December 26, 2008

Year-End II: Resolve(s)

As I do not want to have another year that will be filled with those freakish events characteristic of this concluding year, I decided to map out a rough sketch of plans in which to pattern my activities for the coming year.
I would, first and foremost, make genuine and improve past relations with people, be it in the academic, romantic, or familial aspects. The past years of disregard of them have definitely caught me finally and it is on a firm resolve that I would want to be more open to them (with reasonable limits of course) and cherish whatever connections have been established before. Even if a number of people have totally lost their faith in me, there is in every human being innumerable opportunities to make their proverbial about-faces and turn into what they think is good for them and the people around them. Choice would of course play a crucial role in this part.
As to my long-standing academics, I would definitely want to have what Gauss called work that is about criticism. Well, I am definitely far away from what he accomplished but from that principle I would want to pattern the future of my thesis. The research is exciting and the works are sure to be enjoying. If the number of publications that we already have during the stretch of my undergraduate years is still not enough to satisfy the scientific aspect of my being, then I’m bound to finally satiate it with my thesis. (I am yet to face an admission to my parents about the status of the completion of my degree.) Next to this is of course is to get some real nice job this 2009.
Writing has always been a big part of my life. And I don’t think I will be able to get away from it. And so along with this physics career which I am still building is this parallel life in writing that I want to hone and nourish.
And I’ve realized just now that music is still a vital part of my existence.
It is a valve in which I could free myself of all those abstract thoughts and freely express them in those finger movements, chords, and notes. And so as form of reparation for a seeming long-lost passion, I intend to build again my skills on the guitar. Yeah, after a long, long period of side trips on the bass guitar and drums, guitar still stands as one of the prime characters in music for me. Gotta build up again those calluses, woo!
And…er…money-wise…ahem. Well, I’d definitely want to straighten out my finance state (if ever there is one) and finally apply those things lectured by Sir Valdeavilla.
I believe I have found finally the finest course of things for me personally
when I finally obtained what I call NewFoundLife. It is a defining event which happened at the last days of this month in which I truly achieved awareness of what I truly want for myself. It in I realized that I spent a number of years just playing roles and wearing masquerades of some sort to cushion myself from the things I thought I could not handle. I intend to keep this NewFoundLife in its place. It is a ten-year campaign that begins now.
And looking back, this year has been a year of smoke and alcohol. Almost every month featured a session where they dominated. I intend to cut down my nicotine intake. Dear doesn’t want it anyway. On alcohol, it is already settled I think. I’d never involve myself ever again into alcohol excesses. There is a multitude of advantages of being sober than wasting one’s self for whatever reasons.
But then again, the future is a hazy part of our lives. All resolves and resolutions would only be achieved if we take every proper step towards them. Hard-thought decisions will now be necessary.
Let us welcome this year with brave hearts.

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