Friday, December 26, 2008

Year-End I: A Retrospect

I’ll always remember this year as one of the most colorful of all that I’ve lived through so far – colorful in that sense that it was decorated, if not marred, by a variety of events that I only experienced for the first time.

First of all, I have finally broke away from the religious denomination which I felt have alwa
ys suppressed most of the things that I could have done in the past. The break was nothing really serious; it was but a simple misunderstanding on whom to ask permission for a certain public performance. Nevertheless, I saw it as an opportunity not for a youthful rebellion of some sort, but for a chance to really stand up for what I believe is better for me, regardless of the means that it would require. (Although, strange enough, I was somehow invited as a speaker for a youth gathering on the same month. I would admit that being in the company of kids does give me a good and uplifting feeling.)
It was immediately followed by two secular performances, as they’d like to call it, and I wa
s more than glad to have at least expressed what I truly feel for this art that is music.
I was also fed ‘historically’, thanks to my Partner in Crime who was more than glad to have me in that trip to Corregidor. It was supposedly a trip in celebration of a personal anniversary which at least turned out quite fulfilling and enjoyable. (Recall the Asano Cement we took home as souvenir! Hehe.)
Feb Fair presented itself too as memorable. One,
for having RockEd in UPLB which became the instrument to the awakening of my senses about social issues. And second, I made some genuine confessions about my (biological) family to an intimate which proved to be so relieving to me.
February was also unforgettable for it was the first time that I was able to attend a rally (the rally was prior to that big prayer rally in Makati). So
mehow culture-shocked, it nevertheless gave me a direct insight as to how radical individuals live up with their ideals and beliefs.
It was the high-times of the NBN
-ZTE Broadband Deal Issue and it was really good to have Jun Lozada at school, discussing the ins-and-outs of his stand in the issue. Although there have been quite a number of sssooo unrelated issues asked to him, the gathering proved to be helpful in sharing the youth the necessary role of scrutinizing the issues involving the government and its form of leadership.
And I entered my blog in an essay contest! A bit co
nfident of the outcome initially (akala mo ha! haha), the results have been good enough indeed for the winners were all deserving. The best part of it all of course is having a formal awarding ceremony in SM Mall of Asia, getting freebies, and meeting the other contestants.
Summer of 2008 was fulfilling for I had my on-the-job
training in an international institute – IRRI. Although the place is not new to me, my stay there for almost two months gave me considerable opportunities to know more about the then hot rice crisis in the country (from which I was able to compose insightful entries here in my blog) I would admit that at some points in time during my stay there, I felt like giving up. But my experience gave me another pack of confidence to face new things, especially concerning jobs. Gaining new friends is of course one of the bonuses there – Yi, Karlos, Sarah, those students from Massachusetts, among other.
Our org’s annual UPCAT Review pushed through this year at least, although it has always been my headache to think of the fate of this org and
how I am virtually helpless in trying to gather those shrapnel-of-members. I would not want to discuss the issue of leadership here and my strengths and weaknesses of being an appointed leader. I express my intent here now that we would do the best that we can to sort things out for this org that I personally came to love and respect.
Seminar-wise, I’d been an active attendee of a number of relevant seminars in school. There was the lecture on Aguinaldo, seminar on money and hunger, among others.
I also managed to have two of my essays cited as good (hehe). One is for the prestigious World Bank Essay Competition 2008 which was adjudged as One of the Best 200 Entries passed for the competition. Second is the cool chance of winning in a (pro
motional) essay writing contest by Insights Café, hehe. Thanks to Kitty for this chance of getting some hard cash and freebies. Cheers! I so love writing!
As for the travels, I was not able to go b
eyond the neighboring provinces but it was fulfilling to see some of the places nearby (semi-obscure parts of Laguna, Batangas, and Cavite, hehe).
And how will I miss that chance of doing a journal article about Amorsolo, hehe. Partner in Crime superb!
And before the end of the school vacation, we won the Best Poster Award for the First
UPLB College of Arts and Science Student-Faculty Conference which was of course really cool.
Most of what was said so far seemed to be pleasant. The more elaborate decorations of the year came in the forms of the commencement of my diary-keeping, my brush with existentialism, accomplishing ProjectKitty, my troubles with women (f-ck pransis, f-ck pransis talaga, luku ka!), financial setbacks, the (clumsy) lost of my wallet, and finally having my NewFoundLife.

You, chance reader, do share in this blog how your 2008 has been. Broke the mug’s entry (put some comments, that is) and let the people know about it!

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