Monday, December 29, 2008

The ‘Thrust’ of Viole(n)t Mugs

As this blog reach its age of one and a half years (on January 3), I am compelled to look back at its contents and observe the form it has come to assume. There is no definite way, upon seeing them, to describe the overall nature of this site. It has dealt with my personal experiences both as a person and a student; the different events that has happened in the Philippines; personal beliefs; reviews; etc.
And upon giving it a seal (nyek!) as a form of tribute, I decided, at the coming of this New Year, to put on it the events external to myself. Diaries are supposed to take care of the more personal ones (emo moments, etc.). Of course, there’s no way I could say that I would not talk about politiks or perhaps existentialism anymore. Suffice it to say that this blog, as I see it now, is a way of knowing how well I have dealt with and experienced the ‘world’ outside myself.
Let us greet the new year with hopeful hearts!
Kahit na medyo malabo ‘tong intro kong entry para sa 2009 eh ok na rin, hehe.


mj said...

mejo malabo nga.. hehehehe
hapi new year!

Pransis said...

hehe. halata po ba? =)

sleepmoonfaerie said...


keep it up pransis!!

lagi kaming nakaantabay ;)

Pransism said...

salamat ate!