Tuesday, December 23, 2008

NAVIDAD Talk IX – Christmas Crack

[The “NAVIDAD Talk” Series was conceived in my desire to expound on the obvious un-Christian origins of the occasion we call Christmas. And as days passed and my readings on this topic of Christmas origins came to a conclusion, I in turn concluded that I would not waste any page of my treasured blog on the quite obvious verdict on this issue (read ‘all but lie’). I would defend myself here and now to any possible detractor/s in the future. I have done the task of looking into religious issues such as this one in order to free myself even more from the beliefs that were once inculcated (or should I say forced?) to me during my childhood and have come to make me critical. It is not simply because I have grown tired and critical of the religious denomination to which I have been previously affiliated. And I find now more comfort in knowing that I have gained considerable liberty in scrutinizing things that seemed before sssooo untouchable. Do enjoy anyway this entry I made on the last days the summer of 2008 that is somewhat connected to Christmas: “A Filipino Carol”.]
And so I would now venture to discuss at least shortly on the things that Christmas has done and is still doing in the lives of many of us, Filipinos.
Indeed Christmas is one of the most awaited days of the year; both by the young and old, poor and rich. This is the period when the have-nots are able to justify their actions of seeking help from those who have – perhaps some small things such as money (what a small thing!) to be spent for the noche buena or some food to be eaten on the Christmas Eve. It is, sadly, on the same note that the rich waits for this season. Most obvious amongst those politicians, they (the rich) take this chance to make pa-pogi or pa-ganda with the people by giving out free food in the form of rice and canned goods, sometimes money and scholarships. What a nice concealment indeed! In this (seeming) time of giving and receiving, not most of us would take offense in these charity gimmicks of those who aim for something high…well, something as high as a national position in the government. (How I wish there would a competition for the most attractive Christmas greeting printed on tarpaulins by those politicians.)
Seeing now how Filipinos devote themselves to the attending of the Simbang Gabi, I have become disappointed on the way we unite for certain things. There is essentially nothing wrong in completing the masses to be entitled to a wish. It’s just that I would want this very same unity and devotion directed to something more lofty (if I may be allowed to use the term) and noble – maybe demanding those public officials to stop publicly quarreling amongst themselves about the forthcoming National Elections and instead focus on rendering genuine service to the Filipinos such as…finally getting the real story behind the Fertilizer Fund Scam and the ZTE-NBN Broadband Deal Issue; resolving the Euro Generals issue, the CARP issue; and at least come up with a more reasonable national budget for the next year. There are a lot more to say about these things but let it stop at that.
From this, I could actually disagree with a leader of a certain group advocating alternative education when she said that getting the people together does not work for the Filipinos anymore. Perhaps individually or in small groups that opinion will still hold true. She later said in her talk that doing what we are currently doing (our jobs for example) to the best that we can contribute much already in making a difference in country. Well, yes, she’s right…maybe.
But how do you feel when you see hundreds of people flocking into churches? Isn’t that a spectacle to see? Now recall the People Power that we had. Didn’t they result in comparably good things for us? My point here is that we could translate that unity in the physical sense to make some real change in the society. Now that sounds quite passé, right? But I do not mean sets of noisy and chaotic rallies again. Think about it. Prayer rallies. Those walks by the farmers…
There seem to be an evolving form of unity amongst the Filipinos. We are aware of the debilitating conditions in the country. We just really need to pool those disappointments and sentiments and form them into actions that will DIRECTLY affect our lives. Just like the spectacle of simbang gabi and gift giving during Christmas.


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i wont comment on the content, rather on the photo attached on your blog. all i can say is HO HO HO HO!!!

MERRY Christmas!!!

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