Monday, December 15, 2008

NAVIDAD Talk VI – Mar's Mura: 'Pamunuang Puta'

There is a war of words going on right now in, particularly on the site containing the video of Philippine Senator Mar Roxas making that now-famous cursing on that rally in Makati. But I quitted reading them because for at least half of the comments posted there, it is evident that the reactions are split into two – the one side hailing his act and the other loathing it.

“Freedom is a state of mind”. It is the closest thought that I could say about what Roxas did. Of course, he has all the freedom to speak of the deteriorating state of the government in the country. While he has the seeming sensitive position of being a senator, it does not exclude him from being a free Filipino – free to speak of what he sees in the society; of his sentiments and views on the plight of his fellows. His place in the senate makes his words even more reliable as he spoke about the things going on right inside that one hell of a government, about that ‘bitch’ that has haunted the Philippine archipelago (ever since that fake president assumed the office, as others would say).

And I fairly like the word. No, perhaps even Tagalog term ‘puta’. There is so much whoring in the country now (particularly in its leadership) that it will take a hard time for those whores and pimps alike to conceal its consequences. Perhaps only the deities of the major religions in the country know what (or how much) has been given to those toy congressmen just to kill the impeachment complaints and to push the amendments of the Constitution. Perhaps they (deities) too know how the fertilizer funds were actually allocated to those toy politician comrades. Not to mention the other ‘seedy’ dealings and activities of these leaders. Actually the description ‘toys’ is really insufficient. Whores, MGA PUTA, really are the fitting terms for these (unfortunately) elected government officials.

We are projected now as a nation who is a master of ‘gamitan’, ‘bayaran’, ‘kampihan’, ‘suhulan’, ‘patayan’ among other. And there is one great pride that I could feel on knowing someone, someone as influential (if I may use the word) as Mar Roxas, to speak against the whore-pimp government, thereby distancing himself from that dirty office and making himself one with those who struggle for justice and their rights which were taken away, abused by that government. If he has any underlying motives in doing that controversial act of cursing in front of thousands of people, it will go against him in the future, unless that act, as he attests now, is really a genuine sentiment of his and the people who attended the really…and perhaps the Filipinos in general.

I, for one, do not want other leaders to do the same thing. For me it is enough that much of Mar’s character and personality is put at stake in this present struggle to put an end in the moves to build a leadership composed of those power-hungry individuals who care not in the least about the poor state of the Philippines and its citizens. I personally hope that the people themselves get involved in the fight, in voicing and uncovering every dirty deeds of this regime (and it seems to me that it is already a fitting description).

We have been in the passive state for a long time now that it is only expedient to rise now to defeat the beasts occupying the public offices. I wish that some time in the future, we would see this fateful December 2008 as a period when we he Filipinos started to take actions explicitly which began in that speech made by Mar Roxas in Makati.


withonespast said...

hey bro

freedom has its limits, no such thing as boundless freedom. this guy should be in prison, roxas don't know whats his saying because if he did, he would've rallied his party in making reforms in our laws, it should've been their agenda from the beginning - im sure he has never gone hungry, or even tasted the poverty he's referring to, there is no 'tayo'. this cha-cha exist because we have a political system that allows such provisions, now the opposionist don't like it a bit for obvious reasons. All these damn opportunist are seeking the peoples backing, nagugutom tayo?, they're just securing their seats you know, all of a sudden their one of us.

Pransis said...

thanks sir for this note.

i'd agree with the fact that most of them are in fact securing seats in the government. even locally, this is evident already.