Friday, December 12, 2008

NAVIDAD Talk IV – Of X’s and Devils

I really think that this one should be made as short and clear as possible. It’s just that I cannot help but explain the events that led me to this.
Doing personal studies (I call them that) has been my hobby. I enjoy more doing things that are outside the bounds of the academe – no time frames, no grading systems. All are at my own pace. And so weeks earlier I decided to delve in this Christmas thingie and attempted to learn a thing or to about this most-celebrated occasion of the Christian world (I hope it’s not an exaggeration, hehe).

And now to my story…

A long time ago (when I used to sit on the pews of that rickety church in our city every SINGLE Sunday) I chanced upon that sermon about Christmas. Yeah, it’s been the preacher’s style to time his topic on special occasions. Now there was one point he made about Christmas. He said that the Devil (hmm, haha) is always on the lookout, diving onto any chance of getting rid of that Savior Christ. The term Xmas, he said, was actually the Devil’s work because he made it a point to replace the ‘Christ’ part with something that would deliberately erase the trace of Christ in Christmas, who is the ultimate reason for the occasion. Well, good enough…until now…The use of X was actually seen in early Greek versions of the New Testament, where X or the Greek letter Chi pertained to the first letter of the word Christ. And according to that oh-so-good Oxford English Dictionary, it has been used as an abbreviation for Christ as early as the mid-16th century.

(Perhaps it would be debatable; knowing that I have actually obtained the info from the net. But at least there must be references for these online materials, which would be most likely printed or published materials.)

As for me, it was a lesson learned: “Never believe a thing unless there are sufficient evidences for it.” (Thanks Prof. Acuña for your book).

Well…I never believed what that preacher said anyway.

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