Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Just attended the first-ever UPLB College of Arts and Science Student-Faculty Research Conference here in Los Baños and it was quite fun and enjoying (you know, getting to know the people from the college – the faculty members [w.t.v.e.r.] and the students [ahem, whew] ).
The mixture of the topics wasn’t that good (confusing in fact, for me) but nevertheless offered sssooo interesting topics that really kept me hooked up. There’s that talk about food safety, large classes and theater which occupied the first half of the day. Later there were the talks from my own instructors and former classmates. The best of course for me, was the one given by our seminar teacher, Dr. Marvin Albao about a certain application of Kinetic Monte Carlo Method.
Aside from having good times with other ‘coursemates’ (actually classmates in most subjects), the event was made even memorable when we actually won the Best Poster Award (u.g.), woo! Cheers! Sir Marvs; bow tayo dyan!
[Special thanks to Renz for bringing along his high-tech cam for the pictures!]

*I could provide a copy of the book of abstracts just like the other files I often offer free here on my blog or perhaps I might as well upload them in 4shared.com with corresponding access/security passes

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