Tuesday, December 9, 2008

NAVIDAD Talk II – Manny Makes a Monument

Despite a number of domestic problems that introduced themselves at the start of the month, I’d nevertheless remember this early December with a proud thought. Perhaps almost all the Filipinos feel this way as Manny “demolished” (yeah, I like this word that they often used in news articles) the Golden Boy.
There is no point in recycling the news in paper and on the internet and tell again how Pacman cemented his place in boxing history. Suffice it to say that despite having entered the ring as an underdog, he reversed the hasty conclusions of the people (including Filipinos in fact) to show that all things ultimately depended on the events inside the ring…live.
Although no more than an avid watcher of boxing matches, I was really surprised to note how much de la Hoya has advantage over Pacquiao. He was really tall! And whenever he stretched his hands, it was like it could pierce through a wall – long-reaching indeed. But who would have thought that that the Golden Boy would end up with a semi-massacred face? Manny has proven himself enough. He is a genuine boxing icon.
I could still recall the excitement over the small crowd that has gathered around a small colored TV in that obscure kopra store house at the back of our public market. (Yeah, I did watch from there as I wait for my tarpaulin to be printed and add to that the nicotine break). They were cursing whenever Manny lands a hard punch on Oscar’ body or face. And they were clapping their hands at each end of the round. You could feel their desire for Manny to win this branded mismatch...And they got what they want… (and their money from winning bets, I could see that.)
On a personal note, I learned one solid thing about Manny’s fights. He was keen on saying that applying all, and I mean all, the things he learned from the trainings to the ring fights is instrumental in winning. Well perhaps it is. I mean no glorious things are achieved by mediocre preparations. Hard preparations are needed to achieve lofty ends.
As usual, his glory is claimed by the Filipinos and so I congratulate our race for this. At least in the field of sports, we can actually see that we are still capable of uniting ourselves. We’ll see how his influence would affect the society in years to come.

Congratulations Manny! Mabuhay ka!

*image taken from a video clip from YouTube.com

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