Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Necessary Spark

“… A single spark can start a spectral fire!”

- (defunct) At the Drive-In -

A few days from now, we Filipinos (assuming that most of us still have that thing they call “sense of history”) will be celebrating the birth of one of our heroes, Andres Bonifacio.

Bonifacio, or Supremo as he is commonly referred to in history books, is known to us as the founder of the revolutionary group KKK (not to be confused of course with the secret society from the US) which fought against the oppressions of the Spanish colonizers.Many stories have been told about him – his early life as a vendor, the issue of him being a member of the middle class, his rage over Tirona’s objection on the Tejeros meeting, and the often-mentioned comparison between him and Aguinaldo (see my entry about Aguinaldo here: "Uncovering Real Philippine History Details..."). In one way or another, he was destined to make his mark in our history.

Let us do away with the incompetence in battles that is always associated with him; the only point I have to make here is that history would be entirety different if KKK was not founded on that fateful 1896. I have always appreciated people who initiate new things, even if he or she would not live to see the fruits. Certainly, he did not see the outcome of the revolution he conceived and actually started, but the spark he made in fact grew into a wild fire that spread through the country battling against the oppression.

He may not be our National Hero today (which I would not contest anymore after attending PI 100 class) but it is only to him that I would attach a unique title – the Necessary Spark.

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moonfaerie said...

hmmm.. haven't really thought of ka andres that way...

hmmm.. i guess we've always considered Dr Jose Rizal as the "spark." ;)

happy bonifacio day to all!

Pransis said...

=) siguro nga po ate, after all supremo was part of the rizal-established la liga.

i just salute him for doing the kkk thing after the decline of cuerpo de compromisarios.=)

moonfaerie said...

i salewt him, too. he's one of my favorite heroes :)

sino nga ba yung nagsabi na isa talaga syang elitista?

Pransis said...

ay ate i can't say na nabasa ko sya sa book.
feeling ko binanggit siya samin ng history professor namin sa aming class and then he made us think of it..if plausible un tas he gave his basis for believing na gnaun nga si papa boni.=)