Sunday, November 2, 2008

The McObama Deal

My momma always said, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."'

- Forrest Gump

I personally do not care with the way the American government moves its arms across the globe to extend its imperialist aims but I am making a short note here on what seems like a turning moment for these white guys.
We’ve been bombarded of its story on the newspapers and on the internet (any frequent Yahoo! user would definitely notice the polls on their site): the US Presidential Elections 2008.
This coming event would make their people hold on to their seats as a White and a Black battle for the Oval Office seat. Even at this moment, when the election is just a few days away, they are still plying the states to win the votes of the people. Obama, the black guy, seems in the lead of this office race but the McCain camp says otherwise. We’ll see, we’ll see, in the marked day of November the Fourth.
As to why I labeled it a turning moment, well in the event Obama wins, that would be at least a triumph for the earlier people there that fought during the dark times of discrimination and disregard on some of its people. A modest reader would definitely recall the struggle of Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement. A serious history lover would then make mention of Freedom Riders, and perhaps the story behind United Farm Workers, and the San Francisco Ethnic Strike, among other.
All the lights seem to fall down now on this black guy. Accounts say the other is more competitive for the post but well, whoever wins the office would definitely face a mammoth task of changing the face of his country marred with issues of imperialism (gggrrrr!), wars and occupations (darn, not new) and economic crisis (hmm).
The Superpower will get its Tuesday makeover. (Laughs)

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a nice looking blog... just happened to browse to your site... appreciate the post. It's true, these are historic times, but be careful who's telling you the story. As you know, from our own Phils. History there are many sides. Someone told me yesterday that if I don't vote for Obama, I'm a racist. I thought, what if I don't vote for McCain, am I anti-white? Anyway, I voted for the candidate I thought will do the best job. Free your mind, my friend. Blessings... Will

Anonymous said...

and the turning point finally started..first black wins the race..

Pransis said...

Haven't opened this blog for days now. Been quite busy.
Thanks Will for that note on our history.
In any case, one should really stick on the candidate that is the best for the post (based on individual assessments) and vote for him.

Pransis said...

A new story will definitely unfold for the Americans.
We will see all of it in the coming years.