Monday, November 17, 2008

Congratulations Nuevo Maestros y Maestras!

Be proud you are a teacher, the future depends on you.
-Ricardo T. Gloria

Who would not recall this quote that decorated our elementary school walls? This, to a certain extent, proves to be an outstanding truth. One only has to ask people who have taken the stormy path of the education curriculum (I could still recall the overnight works of my mother). And perhaps to get a clearer picture, ask teachers to a drink and coax them into telling the hardships of speaking all day to hundreds of students or so and inhaling a thousand chalk particles. I do believe it takes a full heart and a lot of guts to man the classrooms.

And so I hai
l our new teachers, those who have just passed the recently-concluded licensure examination. You deserve the honor and glory of assuming one of the most dignified professions of the world.

Congratulations to you Bleysz, Dex, Jheycee, Leah, Sugar!

(I do hope that I will live to witness the salvation of the poor conditions of the education system of the country. Sec Lapus? have all the chances of entering the history.)*puffs cigarette*

Pa-pizza, pa-inom naman kayo! Woo!

See for the complete lists.


Anonymous said...


i like your post. sorry that it is only now i've read this. but i really do appreciate your efforts of hailing us through your blogsite. i will commend you for this!

Long live teachers!!!

-maestro JheyZee

Pransis said...

all hail, the teachers of the country! =)