Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Winning Moment

Woah! The news, when it finally reached me, literally cleared away the clouds of dormancy that has reigned over me in the past few weeks. It definitely fueled me to go and proceed again with the laborious review on a bunch of academic stuff. So so so happy about this one!

The winners are the following:

Grade School Category:
"My Calapeño Role Model"
by Alenia Selene Laurente (San Lorenzo Academy)

High School Category:
by Arjay Machete (Jose J. Leido Jr. Memorial National High School)

Open Category:
"A Worthy Motto Stella"
by Francis Emralino (University of the Philippines)

The announcement and the winning entries can be found at the Insights website:

(I won’t say that this is a consolation for that lost wallet. This is a whole n
ew different story.)


Anonymous said...

galing talaga! ^_^

*slaps pransis on the back*

congrats po!

Anonymous said...

wow! congrats!

lucy said...

see how JAH works?! sbi ko sau weh..He's really great! don't 4get to thank Him! Congratz!
btw, lucy is just no one! a mere admirer of ur works...=p

Pransis said...

ate sleep, ate sleep!
pambayad utang na un,huhu!

di 'bale,may gift certs naman.
mas mukang promising un,hehe.

Pransis said...

thanks anony!

Pransis said...

lucy (in the sky with diamonds?)

insights said...

Congratulations Francis!

See you at the café...

Pransis said...

Salamat po ulet ng marami!

Anonymous said...

sulitin mo yang mga GC mo ha! ^-^

Pransis said... galore!woo!

ren-ren said...

yikes!nagddrugs kb ngaun? ang payat mo tsong!haha..ang panget..di bagay! nyway, congratz!kip it up...",

Pransis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

naks naman ampogi! *whistles*

mmm parang gusto ko ng coffee ah... X-D

Pransis said...

di naman po.
(hala ang kape,ang kape. naipamudmod na,hehe.)

Anonymous said...

what contest did you join??? was it the essay sort of sa UPLB??? hehehe... give me a consolation of your prize...

see yah here in tondo!!! kung bibisita ka nga!!!


Pransis said...

rabena!hehe.regional contest un.hala next time na lang ang consolation,hehe.
iikot tayo sa mundo ng noli ok?
sa binondo, tondo, inramuros, etc.
goodluck sa rural!

ren-ren said...

mapapaaga ba ang pakikipaglamay ko sa'yo? sabihin mu lng para makapag-ipon agad ako ng pang-abuloy!haha! just kiddin!keep safe!",

Pransis said...

ah...medyo matagal pa ko mamamatay.
dami pa 'kong pangarap,wooo!
uwi ka ngayong und(r)as?