Sunday, October 12, 2008


I imagine (in horror) a man whose face hidden in shadows holding a blue object. Upon closer inspection I recognize it as my wallet…
He digs in it, finds the 990 pesos neatly arranged and puts it in his own pocket. He then stops in front of a stinky old trash can besides a noisy, busy street. He pulls out my ID, throws it into the bin, looks at the variety of ATMS and then throws them too. He continues emptying my wallet (of my resident certificates, receipts, pictures, other IDs) until he finds the three pieces of one-thousand peso bills in the center pocket, folded in two. He gleefully pockets them too.
I could not see his face, only his teeth, as the light from the lamppost strikes on them.

This is the only way I could think of right now to relieve me of the terrible disappointment that has gripped me today: to write something about it. It gave me a very heavy feeling, losing such an important object.Of course there is only one person to be blamed and that’s ME. But I could tell for myself that never have I lost it before, even when I have traveled in many places in the country. It was that darn carelessness for a few seconds that completely changed my day.
But I am still betting some trust to my fellow Filipinos. I still believe that many of us still has the heart to be HONEST even at these rough times, when the very sight of money brings ecstasy to those who don’t usually have it. Honestly, if after this week and still that precious object is not found, I could only blame 1) my 5-second carelessness in getting off the jeepney and 2) the corrupt government that encouraged the breeding of those heartless people who cannot do an easy thing such as returning something that don’t belong to them. It’s the darn poverty I’m speaking of, of course.

(Just allow me to be a full-blooded pessimist for just one night…I could get over it after this night. Can anyone give me a tobacco? I miss it.)


Anonymous said...

Awww... *puffs from tobacco.. hands pransisem the tobacco*

So sorry to hear that. We are kindred souls because of that...

It's a sad truth that your chances of getting it back are slim.. but who knows, right?

*gets tobacco back.. puffs.. hands it back to pransisem*

lucy said...

isipin mu na lng na baka mas nangangailangan ung "kumuha" non sau..malay mo, maysakit ung anak/magulang nya..mga ganung bagay ba..atleast, naka2long ka..haha!kelangan tlga minsan yan pra next time, mas matuto taung maging careful..i bet,may kapalit yang mas malaki!take care..=p

Pransis said...

(puffs the tobacco)

really..i miss it.
not allowed to smoke anymore.


still haven't checked from the police station where i reported the incident if anyone has surrendered any wallet.


will cross my fingers 'til friday.

(imagines a full-size tobacco between my index and middle fingers and the beautiful smoke it makes.. )

Pransis said...

ay grabe ('te) lucy.
mas nangangailangan aku kaysa kanya.

lucy said...

ate talaga..tsk..magkano be kelangan mo? haha! isang gabi lang yan sa crossing!!nyahaha!

Pransis said...

gusto ku umattend ng conference sa baguio,aun.tsk.

super last option na 'yung crossing thing na un.haha.

Anonymous said...

really really sad. ;(

kung pwede lang pa-ring-in ang wallet..

u'll get over it dear..

tobacco? :)

insights said...

Hi Francis, I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

But, if you can perhaps claim your cash and gift cheques for submitting the grand prize winning entry at the INSIGHTS Essay Writing Contest (Open Category) -- You might not need to do that "Crossing" thing after all. Hehe... Life is good!


lucy said...

ai sad naman..ngaun din ung mga pagkakataong gusto ko magbaguio! haha! may next time pa naman cguro..hehe! tsaka walang imposible ke JAH kung dadaanin sa taimtimang panalangin!=p

Pransis said...

Naisip ko nga ate sleepmoonfairie kung nilagyan ko ng tracking chip or something 'yung ID ko.
E di sana makikita ko pa 'yun.
Anyway..tapos na un.Gotta move on.

(I'm still keeping one big tobacco,hehe.Pero wala pa 'kong balak gamitin.Teka,may mga commercial tobacco ba dyan?)

Pransis said...

Hello Insights pips!

I'm so glad to hear that news!
Can't wait to get back to the city (and syempre,i-claim 'yung prize,hehe.)

More power to Insights!

Pransis said...

wow,at gusto mu ring mag-baguio?
i wonder kung cno si ('te) lucy, hehe.

Anonymous said...

pransis pransis ako na lang magke claim ng prize mo!! :P

woohooo! ^-^

Pransis said...

hehe.kayo na lang po nga ate.
wala po akong ka-id-id e,hehe.