Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ang Und(r)as

We all are grateful, I daresay, to the inventor/s of SEMBREAK. Because of it, students now have a short vacation, a break from all the tiresome academic things (goodbye din muna sa mukha ng mga terror teachers, instructors and professors, haha), perhaps a short break for those work.
Being in a country where family ties are indeed strong, such breaks give a chance for families to get together, mag-kumustahan, and of course to remember together their loved ones who have passed away.
All Saints/Souls Day or Und(r)as here in the Philippines is an event worth noticing. Filipinos value the day that we can in fact read something about it in Noli Me Tangere by Papa Joe Rizal.

How do your families observe Und(r)as? Do you have any special activities that you do annually? If not, what do you usually do? Off to some resort maybe? Or do you just stay at home and enjoy the free hours?

Do share them here as this, in a way, surveys how we Filipinos react towards to what I may call a revered event in the country.


Anonymous said...

pumupunta kami sa libingan, tapos magdamag kami dun.

Pransis said...

i see.=)tnx!

pero tanong lang:
do you think sa maynila lang ba ganitong gawain? kase sa TV lagi ko nakikita ganito ginagawa sa maynila.

'di ko pa kase matandaang ginabi ako sa sementeryo eh (dito sa southern luzon).=)

Pransis said...

sinong madalas magperya kapag und(r)as?

frenchie said...

natutuloG,naKain,naGaLa KuNg saan. =)

Anonymous said...

baka lang nais mong mapadaan...

Pransis said...


Anonymous said...

sa amin, southern luzon din ako, magdamagan sa sementeryo. minsan kasi, dun nagkikita ung mga magkakaibigan, kaya kwentuhan din. haha.