Sunday, September 21, 2008

Talking about the “Dance”

I’ve attended again one of the activities that involve some of the ‘highly-active’ groups in Southern Tagalog. As to what it was all about, well, I don’t think there’s anything wrong in mentioning the name: “Cha-Cha: A Dictatorship in the Making”, a forum/discussion of some sort with the Tagaytay 5 and former Vice-President Teofisto Guingona. (It may be worth mentioning here that it was out of curiosity that I became interested in these kinds of things which eventually blossomed to what I can roughly term as “awareness”.)

I was late in the forum and had hardly understood what Rev. Joel Tendero (Conference Minister, NESCon UCCP) was talking about. It was followed then by a screening of the “RIGHTS v.2.0” tagged as “Special Advance(d) Screening”. (Ayus ‘di ba? Free s’ya take note!)
“RIGHTS”, to give a short background, was submitted to MTRCB for review, but was unfortunately labeled as X Rated and so was banned from public viewing. The rating was later changed and is in fact readily available now. (Although I am not quite sure if it has already made its way into the limelight of YouTube). Let me give some short descriptions of what it contains:

“Bakwet”– shows a child singing a regional language (I think) about politics of course
“Eduardo Serrano” – about the story of a ‘political prisoner’; “Krimen ba ang maglingkod sa bayan?” says the man in this short presentation
“Luya” (Ginger) – I personally like this one; “Tao ka Hindi ka luya Pwede kang umaray (At higit sa lahat) pwede kang lumaban”
“Peace” (Kapayapaan) – this has a strong message; it shows a man in an obvious military/police uniform holding a pair of electrical wires which eventually lit up a big neon light boasting to the people the announcement of “PEACE”; later a man gagged and tied to a chair is electrocuted using the same electric lines that facilitated the lighting of those neon lights

“Quenching Fire” – again this exhibited a very direct message; it showed rallyists being water cannoned by the BFP (Bureau of Fire Protection) and the PNP; an old lady said in Tagalog something like this: “Sa amin, wala kaming mainom na tubig Pero (r)ito sa Maynila ginagamit lang nila ang tubig para kami ay madisperse”; I was a bit shocked and saddened by this at the same time
“Human Rights 101” – this is nice; it shows a lolo preaching to the farmers, judging from their looks and costumes, the basic facts about their rights in forming labor unions, expressing political opinions etc; “Hindi ka pwedeng ikulong dahil sa ‘yong political na paniniwala,” lolo says
“Tagu-Taguan” – a bit of horror presentation, simple yet so unnerving; it shows a child playing the role of a “taya” in the game tagu-taguan (hide-and-seek); it later turned out that the boy was looking for the people who seemed to just vanished in the air…Jonas Burgos...etc…I know that you understand it...
“Terorista Ka Ano?” – hilarious, pure comedy; it simply shows how some ‘people’ reacts violently to the idea of who is or are terrorist/s

The afternoon activities ended with a candle lighting ceremony that was joined by the late rains. (Sadly enough, it prompted the Guingona guards to whisk him away. A few people noticed his exit…) And me? I ended up bringing a former schoolmate to the nearest jeepney loading zone.

Well, I was kind of disappointed at how such activities go. Perhaps some could say that I am still a novice in these kinds of things, “baguhan kumbaga”, and am yet to experience far more shocking things. But…I think what I have seen in the television, heard in the radio, read in the newspapers and magazines are quite enough to come into these views:

1. Things are too general. It gives me a feeling of boredom to hear the same angst-driven shouts and chants. I could not help but recall my book by Saul Alinksy which advises the radical what to do to successfully effect changes.
2. Disorder follows from an un-followed program. O yeah, that’s it. With the time being ssssooo precious(?) to most of the Filipinos, they often leave the activity/ies dahil sa katagalan.
3. Prayer still seems to me arbitrary. (Well, still a too-personal opinion.) One only has to see how many people disregard it. (Puffs smoke…)

The only consolation to it is that at least, people are aware that change must be effected NOW..(especially in the way our government is managed).
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renpot said...

're you not guilty of the #2 view "Disorder follows from an un-followed program", eh?! just askin'! haha..

>>continue writing!adios..

Pransis said...

got no idea actually..(puffs smoke)