Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Remembering Nine-Eleven

There is no denying that the date 9-11 Attack will forever haunt each of us. Yeah, I would believe so for there were a number of Filipinos who got caught in that ‘terrorist attack’. In one way or another, we are associated to it.

I am actually watching now a home video shot near the destroyed Twin Towers to have a real feel of what happened (Watch the video: It was just all pictures and news articles that reached us during our high school days back in 2001 and I only got this chance now to see it like I was really there.

Fear and confusion. That’s what I think what most of the New Yorkers felt during that time. I would not go on and discuss again the harrowing details of the tragedy. But suffice it to say that what happened rationalized the decision of the US to declared war on terrorism…to some extent.

I sympathize with all those who lost there loves ones; sadly most of them being simple and innocent victims. Who ever wants to get caught on the battle for power and ideologies? Who ever want to see a thousand people killed in a declared war they are not particularly and directly connected to? Who ever wants to see a chain reaction of revenges and more wars and killings? Perhaps the bitterness of those who lost their loved ones have turned now into something that only themselves can explain – maybe numbness of feeling, maybe acceptance. But for the majority of the Americans, perhaps particularly in the administration, justice must be done…
As for me, all I realized is that even superpowers can be taunted in the face of the whole world.

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