Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Short Note on Ninoy

I am currently surrounded by a multitude of work: a bunch of unfinished designs on an applied physics course, an impending practical exam on self-defense, online jobs, writing contests, among others. But then I could not help but give in to this urge to mention this day that marks an important event in my history, in our history as a nation - the assassination of Ninoy Aquino.

There is no need to discuss again every page of our old history books about that event. I know that we all know what happened (assuming of course that we all STILL have a sense of history). Ninoy was a public official at a young age; did a number of jobs - correspondent, negotiator, etcetra; became a senator; opposed the form of leadership of Marcos; was exiled; and was assassinated (read murdered) while held by the military. The event gave birth to our revered event now called EDSA Revolution.

It has been 25 years since his death but I know that the ideals he was fighting for then did not go with him to the grave. One just have to look around to see the noise of the people out in the streets, demanding for equal rights, fair pricing of commodities, truth from the ruling individuals in the government, the list is endless but essentially, the shouts then are still heard today.

But then as to what he said - that the Fili
pino is worth dying for - I am a bit reluctant to admit this but I am starting to let go of my belief in such words. Walang problema sa iba na alam ang nangyayari sa bansa; sa kahirapang nararanasan nito ngayon. Pero sa mas nakakarami na walang pakialam? It seems it is not worth it to exert effort for a country whose people are not even grateful in what their fellows are doing to save the country (at least) from the things that are causing its sufferings. I personally applaud those public officials who are consciously trying to make things a lot better in their respective offices. But it is just quite frustrating to realize that we don't all have that thinking - that we should at least do something, however small, to make Pilipinas still worth keeping.

It would be a hard task to expound on how enormous Ninoy's influence had on the Filipino's thinking during his time and even up to now. I don't see him as a mere legend but instead as a conscious man who has found evil in the time and place he found himself in and bravely fought it despite the obvious possibility of death for him. Yes, I think the word hero would least approximate the description of him.

I just hope that you, reader would be able to take a short time today and reflect upon your place in our history, how you stand and where are you headed for as a Filipino. And hopefully through that, we should get a hold of ourselves and proceed with our lives thinking more of the welfare of our country than anything else.

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moon_faerie said...

Thanks for the reminder! Keep it up. ;)

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Pransis said...

Talaga ate?
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Hi pransis. Sowee ngayon ko lang nabasa reply mu.

Welcome back pala,hope all's well wit you.

Ayun, second payday ko na sa this monday ;)

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Pransis said...

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