Monday, August 25, 2008

Message to the Filipino (Hero) Athletes of the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Dear Athletes,

You are already winners for me, like many of us here in country believe. To be able to participate in such a huge event, under the eyes of many nations, is truly remarkable enough. I am aware that you have undergone many tournaments, long hours of trainings and practices, just to make your best shot in Beijing and wow us here.

Who would dare say that you weren’t prepared? I can only say that the other athletes have undergone far more rigorous preparations and thus surpassed what you have shown there. My two thumb ups are not enough to convey my message of appreciation to what you did. Despite you number, it is a statement in itself that we have the capabilities to face even the toughest ones from around the globe.

I send my words of disappointment to “those” who are suppose to give you support, and I mean genuine support, and let them swallow the shame that is now creeping into our people; a thinking that maybe we are not really doing good in the sports circle. They are the ones who should perform the necessary trainings among themselves – trainings which will aim for the construction of a clean-slated organization or organizations that is/are more than willing to devote time and energy for you athletes. Let us do away with the officials that have political inclinations. (Ggggrrr.) We need genuine leaders who would cater to your needs and ultimately, to your aspirations.

As you go back, let the warm greeting of our fellow Filipinos envelope you guys and serve as prize for the feats you have shown to us.

Mabuhay kayong mga Pilipinong Atleta!

Your fan,


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