Sunday, July 27, 2008

THE OIL KINGSHIP: Oil price hike(s) in the Philippines musings - I

O I L.
Funny how such a common word composed of three letters could actually change our lives. Pretty much the same with 'concept' that a lot of people believe in: G O D.

Indeed, events have proven how much virtually everything depend on oil. When I first traveled on a tricycle I paid only two pesos ('yung may niyog na polygon pa 'yung shape ng coin). Today you must prepare at least ten pesos to pay those greedy and disrespectful drivers.

When I entered the university I used to pay 3.50 pesos (discounted already). Then the next day (in fact the second day of classes) we were required to pay P5.00 and then P6.50 then now to P7.00. I used to have a daily allowance of 100 which then proved sufficient to fill my stomach and return home daily. I could not imagine how such a small amount would now help a typical uwiang student to actually survive a day. Not to mention the everyday battle with the gahamang mga drayber na biglang nabibingi kapag sinabi mong estudyante ka. But that's another story.

Despite the protests and strikes we see now here and there, we could, in reality, only go with the flow of its prices. I don't think strikes as they DO it today would actually help. I mean people should not paralyze the passengers and commuters themselves. Strike leaders should actually paralyze the business of these oil sellers to make them feel how bitter it is to have such a costly basic commodity. (Read Alinsky for enlightenment.) I know they will have their own stories to tell but they can't do anything today but compromise; just as what they are now doing. (Or is it that the president asked them to do so?)

Perhaps we could now revise the saying; Everything in the world is not constant except for two things: change and oil price hike.

OIL = GOD? Bloody likely.
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moon_faerie said...

[i]Everything in the world is not constant except for two things: change and oil price hike.[/i]

Amen to that! Oh, but you forgot taxes, dear.

Pransis said...

i would agree to that.=)