Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy First!

Indeed, this blog has reached a new milestone when it actually survived its first year of existence. Although I started doing this blog thing in Friendster (with all those emo-stuff, hehe) and continued it with a couple of now-secret Blogspot blogsites (they're too lousy for me to let people know those sites, hehe) and an org-related one.

I have actually no count of the entries that I've posted (of course Blogger has it) and the comments they've received (although not that important really). And despite having a variety of topics being covered, the whole point of it was to let the thoughts – be it childish or somewhat serious – flow from mind to keyboards.

Up to this part I have allowed myself to welcome different things and different subjects as entries. But I now intend to be an active participant in the affairs concerning our country and use this blog as platform for my views and thoughts on them. Not that I will be making this site a political one. Perhaps it will be sufficient to say that I am in the belief that I feel more like a Filipino when I am aware of what is happening in my country. Being nationalistic? (Shrugs shoulders.)
Siguro, if I am to accept this short definition: “...devotion to the interests or culture of a particular nation including promoting the interests of one country over those of others” (WordWeb).


moon_faerie said...

Happy anniversary pransis! =)

This may sound cliche, but do keep up the good work. ;)

Hmmn.. curious ako dun sa now-secret blogs mu :P (ang stalker ng dating!)

Cheers! *clinks beer bottles*

Pransis said...

ate ate salamat po!

hala,aun po ay nung mga panahong bata-bata pa ako at medyo emu-emohan pa ko,hehe.
limot ko na passwords,usernames kay di ku na natanggal,hehe.

chhhiiirrrsss! =)

moon_faerie said...

Hehehe. Ya, i could just imagine the emo in u :P