Sunday, July 27, 2008

THE OIL KINGSHIP: Oil price hike(s) in the Philippines musings - I

O I L.
Funny how such a common word composed of three letters could actually change our lives. Pretty much the same with 'concept' that a lot of people believe in: G O D.

Indeed, events have proven how much virtually everything depend on oil. When I first traveled on a tricycle I paid only two pesos ('yung may niyog na polygon pa 'yung shape ng coin). Today you must prepare at least ten pesos to pay those greedy and disrespectful drivers.

When I entered the university I used to pay 3.50 pesos (discounted already). Then the next day (in fact the second day of classes) we were required to pay P5.00 and then P6.50 then now to P7.00. I used to have a daily allowance of 100 which then proved sufficient to fill my stomach and return home daily. I could not imagine how such a small amount would now help a typical uwiang student to actually survive a day. Not to mention the everyday battle with the gahamang mga drayber na biglang nabibingi kapag sinabi mong estudyante ka. But that's another story.

Despite the protests and strikes we see now here and there, we could, in reality, only go with the flow of its prices. I don't think strikes as they DO it today would actually help. I mean people should not paralyze the passengers and commuters themselves. Strike leaders should actually paralyze the business of these oil sellers to make them feel how bitter it is to have such a costly basic commodity. (Read Alinsky for enlightenment.) I know they will have their own stories to tell but they can't do anything today but compromise; just as what they are now doing. (Or is it that the president asked them to do so?)

Perhaps we could now revise the saying; Everything in the world is not constant except for two things: change and oil price hike.

OIL = GOD? Bloody likely.
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The KAPWA UPCAT Review Aftermath

There is a saying that you actually receive in your act of giving. And this for me has been exemplified in our recently concluded 2008 UPCAT Review in San Pablo City, Laguna. Although I was not able to witness the onslaught of the students to the venue because of some other darn activity, it seems that it is one of the biggest number of participants I've seen in our activities to date. And it's really good to know that schools now are beginning to take notice again of the organization since many schools attended, reaching students as far as Cavite.

My personal thanks to all the resident members who took the time to make the activity possible and to the following for the discussions of the questions:

(Mathematics) Mr. Bryan Hernandez – from UPLB, KAPWA sa UPLB Alumnus [Batch Vinta]
(Chemistry) Mr. Adonis Yanos – from UPLB
(Biology) Ms. Laurice Arayan – from UPLB, UPLB Chemical Society Member
(Physics) Ms. Blaise Sabelita – from UPLB and MSI, UP Guro Alumnus
(English) Ms. Julienne Urrea – from UPLB, KAPWA sa UPLB Member [Batch Vinta]

Special thanks is extended to Ma'am Glaiza Reogo for the support up to the event date itself. Also, to Sir Dennis Enriquez (Dencio) who lent us his tutorial center and its facilities for a half-day preparation of the review materials for the event.

Below are the gathered comments/reactions of the participants to this event.


Ang tagal po..!!! super naghintay kami, too boring! Ang gwapo po nung naka “Jesus loves you” na t-shirt! Wahaha! Tnx sa map, di na ko maliligaw! -Carryl- LSPU

Ang c8 ng Francis ung neym bwahaaha.. matagal ung start ang ganda ng mga dictions ng ngeexplain. -ang galing magexplain thx xa lhat buwagaga =LSPU 21= add sa f.s.- tsupp!!!

Ahm...ang masasabi ko ay magagaling sila....lalo na po yung sa Physics.

It's fun and interesting. P50 is worth it =)

Ahm...Thank you poh..good lucj ndame qow poh na22nan God bless =)

-There are some lectures that are quite enjoyable duting the discussions but there are some thins(s) which were not organized thatcaused some problems with regrads with the time.

Ang galing! Nang mga nagturo Ito lang po ang aking masasabi.

SPCNHS – Joseph Agozar
Thank you! For sharing a good experience for me. I wish you all the best, all of you were so, so, so, d' best. Thank you!100x Sana me meet ul8 namin kau!!

Thank you! It's nice meeting you all sana me meet ko kayo ulit para maitreat nyo ako sa Jollibee.

Mabilis yung lecture

Comment: Maayos naman po kahit na medyo mabilis ang paglelecture.

Haha! Ang saya-saya! Kung pwede lang umulit! Tenk yu poh! Job well done! Kahit mai konting aberya, ok lang!!! Gudluck 4 nxtyir! TiziE!! Mwuahugz! =)

I learned and I enjoyed the review although there are some problems encountered like naging delayed ang test proper!


It's really fun...I enjoyed studying while learning...“God's lick”

Maganda po yung mga materials. Kaya lang po o suggestion lang na medyo mahaba po yung discussion of answers congratulations po!!

I think the teachers/trainors must know what they are talking about. I found awkwardness during our MATH sessions. Our teacher in chemistry should be enthusiastic while teaching us. But, I enjoyed the review =)

It's fun, interesting,. Quite crowded. He proctors are cool. Nice questions anyway. It's worth it. =) Tnx for the pencil...

I had fun...c'') Suggestion: I suggest to you to have some activities for us to enjoy more

Congrats, kapwa! I love the review! I just hope that there's no more delay next time! Hehehe....

The activity was great. I think that more time should be alloted for the review. Thanks.

The discussion was fun and interesting especially Ms. Laurice's subject! =)

Good Job! Thanks a lot God bless! More powers to kapwa! It was such a great help -scihigh-

Feedback: The questions are very challenging. But still, we have a good time. We learned a lot and it will help us with UPCAT.

Ang masasabi koh lang ay happy kami at thank you!!! =)

Magaling po yung way ng pagtututo. Nakaka-inspire rin po na ang nagtututo samin ay one of the best sa UPLB. Galing po, nakaka-enjoy at the same time, fun.

Magaling, magaling, magaling! Marami pong salamat, marami po kaming natutunan!

Magaling lahat ng nagturo! Marami kaming natututnan! Thank you very much for your patience and generosity!

Sana next time 2 days para happy..hehe. Tsaka po ung sa science. Pwede ung GenScie or aq lang nag icp non. Hehe.

Feedback: The questionnaires are very challenging. In terms of the test it is very good. But in the case of discussion, it is quite difficult to understand every items,

Ahmm, well, maayos naman poh..haha..ang galing ni kua Marlon...hekhek...tsaka ung iba din..hmmm...sana makatulong ung mga nireview namin...haha..geh...tnx poh...byebye Tsaka nga poh pala...hehe medyo nakakabor lang poh ung ibang discussion...wel...ung iba nman..lalo naung eng. I love 8... -aira- =)

Thanks po, malaking tulong po yung review na ginawa po niniyo. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. More pwoer!!1 God bles!!! ang cute ni kuya marlon.hehehe...crush ko...

Rona Grace C. Afable San Jose National High School Masyado pong mabilis ang mga nagsasalita at nakaka-antok.

Dearest Kapwa, Tnx 4 sharing us your knowledge. Sana po makatulong...Thanks po ulit SJNHS student

Lerry Gutierrez – SPCNHS *time management we had fun!!!


Masaya po! Salamat ng marami.. Sana mas ,aaga lang nagsimula..

Thank you!

Nakakaboring hehe....

Maraming salmat po!!!

You've done a good job kaya lang sana po, organize yung time para hindi po kami gaano ma-late...un lang poh!!! Congratulations..=)

Salamat po! Naging happy naman po kami...

Time consumption!!!! alot o ice breaker(s) Malikot yung speaker pakain sana!!! Maraming break!!! am pangit nung place!!!

Thnx p0h! Godbless!!

Improve the activity...Sana po yung time (a word hear that I could not read) time ay mas magiging ok na. Iexpect din po na madaming magiging participants since nag-invite po kau.

Pa-add po sa friendster Thnx po!!! ang galing nyo po!!! More power!!! God bles!!!

Ahmm..Sana po next time masunod na tlaga ung nasa echedule. Pero ok lng din po masaya naman.

Mga complex questions ung test....db dapat basics lng??? may nagsabi po kc smin na more on basics ang UPCAT. Pro....Astig.....may mga nlman kming bago...hehehehe.....ung pH...cells.... =) -onin253-

Magaling ang mga naging lecturers namin. No boring moments and and dami kong natutuana dito. BUT...un nga lang I think the organization, in terms of yung dami eh dapat eh dapat prepared po sila or kayo =)

Thank you very much for the time and learnings that you gave us. And we also enjoy ths activity. Thank you again. Wow!

Wow! Super galing ng mga lecturers. Dami kong natutunan.. Grabe, mga Idol ko kayo. I wish, makapasa ako sa UPCAT.

WE have a great time and we learned a lot today. Thank you!! Magaling lahat sila.

It's a lot of fun. I love KAPWA! Marami din po akong natutunan! I LAV IT!

Salamat, dahil marami kayong natutulungang student na tulad namin na gustong maging studen(t) ng UP Godbless po sa inyong lahat ang gudgluck.

Lemuel Balbuena San Jose Nt'l High School It would help us a lot. Thanx. Thanx sa help. Sana Makapasa kami.

Dear KAPWA, Thaks for the review, you gave us conveninece in order or us to review a little bit in the upcoming UPCAT. I hope I will be a UP student next year. -sarra-

pa add po sa f.s. Medyo nakakantok ang pagdidiscuss peo ok lang.. matatalino lahat keo..salamat sa Map TNX!!! GOD BLES!!!

I enjoyed the review... Kahit medyo nalate na...Hihihi...Still, I learned a lot =) Thanks. Hopefully next time mas masaya para sa next batch.. P.S. Missyou, Kuya Nomar! (a heart) Hehehe -Angie (Ann)

Thanks for the memories. I learn(ed) a lot anfd hope to see you ain UPLB when I'm a college student na!!! Ang saya at ang galing. -jhai- of Brgy. San Diego, S.P.C.

Magaling silang magturo. Masaya silang lecturers. Gusto ko sanang magpasalamat sa kanila dahil nai-share nila ang kanilang nalalaman. Thank You!

Good job nmn! Super sulit ang 50 ko... I've learned so much thank u po. Sana hindi na late nxt tym ang paper Gud luck senyo.

Ahmf sana puh sa susunod masunod na puh talaga aung time para puh d kme mapagalitan dahil sa late na pag-uwi.

Thank you po for teaching & helping us to widen our knowledge about how we will pass the exam. I learned a lot. Thank you po talaga! God bless all of you!!!

Salamat...I have learned a lot from you guys. It's been a while but it's fun.

This review helped me a lot because I learned/experienced how to take an exam even though it;s not the real exam in UPCAT. The member(s) of KAPWA are really great. Thanks a lot...

Dear KAPWA, Thanks for the review, sana po ay magpatuloy pa kayo. Napakasaya po ng review ngayon sa UPCAT Di boring!!!

the UPCAT review that KAPWA org. conducted though (there were) inconveniences was generally successful, and gave lots of students that aspire to study at UP the hope that they (their aspiration) will come true

I enjoyed what I've learned. Im happy & thank you for you great time. =) (heart) Diane SJNHS

Thank you poh sa inyong lahat!!! Natulungan niyo po kami kahit papaano sa pagrereview, para makapasa sa UPCAT.

There was a part of the prog. that was exciting but also there was a part that I feel sleepy

Hmm, masaya, kasi maraming natutunana, heheh...

Thankz kaze tinuruan nyo po kami!! Marami po kaming nalaman, masaya ang mga activities at ang galing ng mga lecturers!.. Godbless!! Godd luck sa career!!

Just be prepared for all the unexpected things.

Ok naman po may natutunan naman po ako, un nga lang po hinapon na pero thanks po. Salamat po

I have learnbed many things. Thank you for all your help. Na-appreciate ko talaga. Well, see (you) next time. P.S. Ang saya., ha! Very fun.

Thank you for the effort of teaching. I had Learned a lot this day. I hope that this review will help me to pass the UPCAT..

Ahm..ok lang naman po the review.. make it better next time., kz po nagkaroon ng konting aberya causing po the time to be adjusted.. goodluck po..thanks

Na gustuhan ko po ang ginawa ninyong program, sapagkat dahil po dito natuto kami ng marami. Marami pong salamat.

B 23 Rosales, Lee An A. San Jose National High School =medyo nakakantok pero ok marami akong nakilalang friends.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Usapang Enerhiya sa Maynila

It was the 30th Annual Scientific Meeting of the National Academy of Science and Technology; my second attendance to such a big event. As usual, it was held again in the “historical” Manila Hotel. (No one can blame me if I walked all the way from U.N. Avenue LRT Station to the venue. I knew the taxi was my only solution to the problem of finding Manila Hotel, but I fought against my laziness and my kakuriputan won over it.)

Of course the posters sessions in the conference (a blend of traditional and electronic) was an attraction – I met people from
U.P. Visayas and National Institute of Physics aside from the equally appealing set of food served as buffet (but sadly, I lose myself again to those meat dishes, gggrrr!) I will admit that I was not able to fully attend the parallel sessions themselves because of unexpected events, i.e. poster discussions, academics chikas with other presentors, the quest for the book of abstracts, certificates of appreciation among other.

But since my spirits were still high during the morning session, I was able to focus on the speeches / (halos) lectures of a number of important people there. Well most notable of all would be the one given by the present secretary of
Department of Energy Angel Reyes (a man of a hard face, probably adapted that during his military days, hehe but a person who's into humor also).

Basically his talk dealt first with an introduction on the concept of energy, how it is related to politics and economics. Then he talked about the current energy situation in the country along with the potential sources of the Philippines for renewable energy complete with figures to support them. Along with the potentials came the strategic actions of the energy sector. From here it looked like it went beyond what one should expect from a “keynote address” as it became
somewhat boring to me (I am just comparing this address to the one given last year). And so I learned also from other attendees that they felt the same thing too. Nevertheless, his presence is significant one especially with the theme “Energy Security and Sustainability: Assessing the Present and Foreeing the Future.” (Although I did not particular liked the way he evaded a question in the press conference later that morning, tsk tsk.)

With regards with the “...Assessing the Present...” part of the theme, I think we already have an overabundance of assessment and stuff-we know already how we can harness this or that part of the environment in order to have sustainable energy.

But as far as the “...Foreseeing the Future...” is concerned, ah... I think that would a bit too clear for all of us. Even some the speakers (whose lectures/speeches I was able to hear) would prove how (difficult) the future can be properly envisioned. Stained with the all too obvious bureaucracy in the government offices, one PhD actually received the finding for his research on a certain biodiesel after 2 years! As an MS graduate from UST whom I met there said, that's how sad and disappointing the situation is here in the Philippines, that we have the best people yet no mean of achieving the goals of these bet people. And so consequently one cannot expect growth and development here.

The theme (even the whole event itself) not only spoke of and dealt with the problems, challenges we are facing concerning energy but is in fact a realization of the interconnection of the other things – poverty, corruption, (poor) education among other.

I don't think it is unfair it put the blame in the government. With the slow pace of work we are seeing, one cannot help snort and blurt a short mocking opinion to the people manning the public offices.

I am yet to learn what the outcomes of the sessions were. But as my new UST-grad friend has said, let me just enjoy the the freedom of being able to communicate with other science-related people, and perhaps I'm to be the one who would soon seat there in front urging the fast implementations of those courses of action they are saying.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy First!

Indeed, this blog has reached a new milestone when it actually survived its first year of existence. Although I started doing this blog thing in Friendster (with all those emo-stuff, hehe) and continued it with a couple of now-secret Blogspot blogsites (they're too lousy for me to let people know those sites, hehe) and an org-related one.

I have actually no count of the entries that I've posted (of course Blogger has it) and the comments they've received (although not that important really). And despite having a variety of topics being covered, the whole point of it was to let the thoughts – be it childish or somewhat serious – flow from mind to keyboards.

Up to this part I have allowed myself to welcome different things and different subjects as entries. But I now intend to be an active participant in the affairs concerning our country and use this blog as platform for my views and thoughts on them. Not that I will be making this site a political one. Perhaps it will be sufficient to say that I am in the belief that I feel more like a Filipino when I am aware of what is happening in my country. Being nationalistic? (Shrugs shoulders.)
Siguro, if I am to accept this short definition: “...devotion to the interests or culture of a particular nation including promoting the interests of one country over those of others” (WordWeb).