Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Southern Affairs

I woke up with the ringing of the cellphone alarm...
7:30 am.
Laguna Day.
Acad Holiday.
But has a meeting to attend to...only to decide to cancel it as we will not reach quorum after all.
So I went down to relieve myself of the bodily fluids I earned during the night and proceeded to the daily dose of pan de sal, dairy cream and coffee trio breakfast. And turned to the TV for the news that...

Ces Drilon and company are already freed and are now in Medical City for check-up. A little shaken, bruised here and there but they seemed intact from the video footages. A relief indeed for the ABS, their families, and the people of Indanan as the crisis is finally over. But the town's mayor and son was soon arrested, the news said, for being the prime suspects in the abduction. And so my mind soon wandered as I felt the issue is bound to continue for the next few days, perhaps weeks. No need to bother myself with too much details on the subject today.

As I tried to enjoy the morning silence (despite the worry that the water will soon run out which our local water district announce will happen), I cannot help but think of the present situations again in the country. Here is relative peace, in a city tucked between mountain in Luzon. But down in the south, just a plane ride away, is all but horror, fellows Filipinos kidnapping unsuspecting Filipino journalists for money. Reports say that kidnappings in Mindanao usually concern religion or politics. But this last one was purely on matters of money.

Perhaps it will be a personal requirement for me to go have a direct look at how the events unfold now in this war-torn island in the south. And so correct (perhaps erase) my opinion on the people's states of affairs there: that their religious culture (if ever there is such a term!) seems to wreak only division and misery to our kababayan there, making their body of beliefs only as an excuse to put forward their respective ideologies or precepts and (personal) aims. No wonder I've heard so many people pray for peace on the island.

It took a somewhat personal to
uch to get a feel of Mindanao's plight (my mother have been with Ces once in a resort where she used to work) and the REAL risk people have to take for the sake of money, work, family, public service, country. The idea is cool: that life is indeed a form comprised of people's actions. But most of the time reality comes a long way off the life that we have idealized, considering the the things happening in our surrounding. I leave the responsibilities to the local officials and the government there to at least keep the southern lands safe for their children.

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