Sunday, June 29, 2008

Philippines Rising!

Pambansang Kamao Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao has once again wowed every corner of the globe with his new belt, the WBC Lightweight Title, which he has just snatched from “Dangerous” David Diaz after the action-packed eight rounds of their fight.

And I can confidently say that each one of us Filipinos has this parcel of pride, having once again proved to the rest of the world that within this archipelago are people who are capable of making the most of of their talents.

Beyond the skyrocketing of his career, he actually did not forget the plight of his fellow Filipinos who have just went to a hardship, no thanks to the typhoon Frank. He even promised to visit those displaced people and help them.

In agreement to what Saul Alinksy said that a 'particular' means justify a 'particular' end, I am now in a state of joy that at least in the realms of sports, Filipinos get together to wave one flag – our bandila – and shout out as one, as one nation. If this could be the fuel to catapult the genuine unity of all Filipinos that some any of us has hoped for and sought for, then why would one not gladly nourish it?

I know there are still a lot of problems we are facing – high electricity prices, rice crisis, oil price hikes and a whole lot of other “hikes” – there is at least since a glimpse of hope what many of the Filipinos now achieve. From there one could actually take inspiration and build his own work for the sake of the country. I know it's pretty much difficult to be a hardcore nationalist in the face of trying times but we all need to put time in achieving something for the country; be i
t unity, solidarity if one permits to call it that, or freedom from the problems enslaving us.

The country needs genuine people who have genuine pakialam for it. It needs love, not fake attention. I am personally proud of these people who make it big in other parts of the world and yet not forget for a moment their roots, their being a Filipino, inside and out.

Sorry na lang sa mga nagtangka nang buharin ang kanilang pagka-Pilipino! (ggrrr!)

If they envisioned a dark future for the Philippines, then don't they dare step into the soil of this land when it will finally reap the fruits of the labors given by its people who have genuine care for it. (Do read this honest Young Blood article: "Race and Destination”).

I am proud that despite being a wounded and corruption-plagued country, we still carry our name: “Filipino”.
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