Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Morning Moments of a Budding Teacher

[There is sometimes beauty in some of the smallest details in life – some of which we don’t really appreciate unless we put our attention to them…]

1. Before five-thirty, everyone would be awakened by the alarm clock set on the cellphone (which would be usually issuing “battery low” message already).

2. You would then try to have a view of her as she goes up to fix the things on her side of the bed.

3. You have almost dropped off to sleep again when the noise of the water (ice cold no doubt) rushing out of the recently-fixed water faucet, just two doors away, distracts you.

4. The door of the room would then creak with all its might to let you see the newly-bathed already on an after-bath costume. As a new towel is not available yet, she would just use a small (face?) towel just to dry the hair that already smells of the usual shampoo with conditioner on the bathroom.

5. Then rush to the stove to heat some water for the coffee. With the Gardenia Pan de Sal already set on the table, partnered with Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise (2-in1?), the only problem would just be how much of the water is to be poured on the cups – half-filled or all the way to the brim? (Milo of course for the Beauty and the usual 3-in-1 coffee for the Monster.)

6. Morning jokes over breakfast. Sips from the cups, sharing of the palaman. Then…

7. Rush to the makeshift bed, flattening the blankets to be used as the platform for the ironing! Which slacks must be worn, which slacks? And off to the silly jokes about wearing the wrong attire for the day.

8. And the never-ending make-up process….and the lotions…and everything.

9. Appliances out of the outlets? Check. Windows? Check. Lights? Check. Ok.

10. Then off to a very beautiful morning where you could actually inhale fresh morning air, enjoy the still not-too-noisy street and the buzz of the children all going to the same place - the school.

11. With tender adieus, life will now move for the life of a new teacher…

[And sometimes…life’s cool lessons are often caught in those beautiful mornings..]

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