Monday, June 23, 2008

FRANKenstein: The FRANK Typhoon Aftermath

FRANKly, I feel more than glad that the recent storm named FRANK has finally got off the Philippine territory. No more lives to be sacrificed to its wrath and no more possessions to be wasted away. But FRANKly, I did not like the way he left us with a sunken ship (or is it a ferry?) and a bunch of dead and injured people. Kalikasan nga naman!

And I never ever realized the danger that unsafe ships (or ferries) pose until the sinking of MV Princess of the Stars. I've started traveling by sea in third year high school (to Marinduque) and been doing it since then and have always find it so amusing and relaxing. Never did it occur to me the idea of malfunctioning engines, busted pipelines, or anything that would lead to a disaster. Pooff! Another blind dream broken for me.

I watched the interview of a certain undersecretary connected with the authority and it seemed that there is a problem with regards to where the blame should be put on.

Storm Signal Number 1: in this case the shipping lines are still in control of the decision in allowing a ship to make its voyage or not. For the Storm Signal Number 2 and beyond it would be in the discretion of the Philippine Coast Guard.

Ah..the alarm raised during the scheduled trip of the MV Princess of the Stars? The fateful Signal Number 1...

And so now rescue (or possibly retrieval) operations are now underway. I just personally hope that the dead would not rise beyond what's reported already. Imagine 800+ people plunging together into the storm-sacked sea. Not to mention the babies aboard! Brr. Gives me the goosebumps. In the end of disasters, we would always want to hope for the best and let the culprits be punished accordingly. Especially to this one. Hmp!

I find it weird that the name of the sunken ship (or ferry, whatever it's supposed to be called) is Princess of the Stars. Is it perhaps that the ship was destined to carry those (yet to be found) babies into the stars, like a princess fond of those innocent little beings? Funny.

I could bet that there weren't any stars for those babies to marvel before they ascend to the heavens.

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Anonymous said...


ship siya kase dagat ung nilakbay ni princess eh


ehem, at dahil magaling ka, may prize ka!

ilalagay kita sa aking PRAY-SHOES na blogroll


teka, nanalo ka ba sa manila times writing kawntest, syang di ko naipasa ung gawa ko in time eh

are yu YUPEE or ar yu NAT?

sige nga, ano tagalog ng PHYSICS?


elyens nga naman oh


Anonymous said...


teka anu nga pala kors mo?

parang pisiks ah




Pransis said...

1. ah...YUPEE?
2. ah...lipnayan?
3. =)