Saturday, May 3, 2008

Women and Decency

Owing to the visit of Arroyo, certain changes were done in our workplace like the closure of the cafeterias. And I was quite dismayed when I had literally no place to eat to by 12 noon. I was beginning to feel regretful about ignoring the ginataang champorado of Tita Zeny that morning. (Could anyone blame me, a lactose intolerant?)
I was about to return to the office when I met Carlos again on the way up and relayed to him my plight. But he invited me to come over to the only cafeteria that was open at that time. Carlos is really one heck of a talkative guy and we went discussing food, rallies and demonstrations in Ecuador, governments and when were already on our seats munching our lunches, about bananas and the 101 ways of cooking them!
Topics varied until he told me of a PRESENT student from the University of the Philippines who said to him that ALL students from the university have in fact been involved in sexual acts and relationships. I vehemently disagreed with that statement and even Carlos agreed with me as he sees that Filipinas by nature are conservative.
I cannot actually put down the flow of our discussions as it actually popped up randomly and most of the time he relayed to me his past experiences and lessons learned from them.
The point is, he just laid bare right in front of me several of the precepts (for lack of a better term) that I decided to live by but consequently abandoned due to a number of disappointments and criticisms over them.
I agree with him that lessons need not be learned by committing mistakes, which sometimes prove to be so disappointing and shameful. Why not do the right things in the fist place?

(The women stuff)
Sometimes women became notorious for being easy-to-get (the kind of people you could easily take home from a bar and part with the next day with no hard feelings) and for being called “bad girls” as he termed it, not just because of not having been loved that much by their families but also by THE WAY MEN TREAT THEM. Perhaps the way men express (worldly) inter
est to those who have the seeming perfect curves and who show the most flesh compel these women to do things (often stupid things) that invite the tag ‘liberal’ to be put onto them. Add to that the blinding influence of the media who in reality give us the false ideas of what things are really beautiful or acceptable. Women, by virtue of their nature and men as well, oftentimes fall prey to these things.
I think it will come well if we treat them decently. I like the example Carlos gave. He said when someone would come and talk to him and seems to him decent enough to talk to, then he’ll deal with him like a human. But if the person is obviously trying to get his attention, perhaps showing off those parts that are ‘hers’, then he’ll just look up and look at her in the eyes - no more than that.
In this period where all values seem to get lost in the sea of materialism, liberalism and commercialism, it’s up to a person to uphold the ideals that he believes in. Minutes after that, as we walk back to the laboratory, things of the past flooded back into my memory and they pierced like new punctures of regret and shame. I came to the point where I have made the mistakes to learn my lessons. But as I always say, I’d just pick up the broken pieces of myself and proceed with life. And change of course.
If you chance upon this short narrative, I urge us to look at our women in different light. Maybe the bad sides of them are highlighted for now (the prostitution issues, sex slaves, etc.) but it would give each one of them a starting tinge light of hope if we change also. And perhaps with the help of the intended partners of women, we men, then we could actually give them back the appreciation that they deserve. The concept of women and decency isn’t a bad combination for all I know.


Anonymous said...

I just dropped by and I guess this article caught my attention. haha.

The heart matters more than anything else in creation.. and that's where true beauty lies--in the heart of every woman. :)

And If one would pursue a woman, he must first pursue her heart.

Pransis said...

Thanks for that thought. =)