Friday, May 16, 2008

‘The Training’: A Recollection and Assessment

I should be traveling right now to office. Yeah, I know it’s a bit ironic to think of it because I always feel this certain resignation every time I go there. But now that I am off from that thing, I am now starting to miss it.
Just finished through one of the required trainings in life: the on-the-job-training. Yeehee! It was a mixture of feelings actually. One of expectation as I knew I have already finished the stuff I had to finish. And of surprise because I thought I am going to be released today. But no, here I am, still at the comfort of a makeshift bed and typing away my thoughts.
Learning-wise, I have learned a lot REALLY from doing things in that unit. I mean sometimes ‘to see is to believe’ is not a good principle I think. ‘TO EXPERIENCE IS TO BELIEVE’ is more applicable I daresay. And to enumerate…

One: that when you’re in the workplace, work is the only thing that you have to do, no add-ons or anything that may be considered extraneous. I’ve learned that at day one. Although not in its strictest sense, that is a thing that you have to maintain or to do every single day if you are vying for a higher position or if you just want to show-off to your boss.

Two: that an eight-hour of work is SUFFICIENT enough for one to learn something new in the workplace. If 8 hours would go by without you accomplishing or learning anything, it is indeed a day wasted.
Three: that there are indeed people who are workaholic, that there are workers who don’t mind domestic problems in the office and just go on with the work, and that there people who loves to make the workplace a play place. In short, you get to meet the people who have varying forms of perspective towards work. Work or play, one is bound to find a motivation for his or her work.

Four: that if you already have an output, just surrender it immediately so as to avoid being accused of laziness and other related sins, hehe.

Five: (and this is one of the best lessons indeed) that if an event is so hard and trying and you have overcome it, then that thing deserves to be called a CHALLENGE. But if you got out of that event fairly easy and you did not even feel any sort of hardship, I personally could not call it a challenge but a GAME. And it really feels good to know that you have such an accomplishment: overcoming challenges, that is. This where I have personally felt it necessary to call it ‘to experience is to believe’ which would pertain to certain sayings one usually reads at motivational books and stuff.

Six: And if you have done a good work and you were not complemented on it, just go on but if you were; then be happy. There is nothing more than having your hard works appreciated.

Yeah, I could feel that I could not really put down every single thing that goes into my mind right now about this experience. Perhaps every now and then I’d get to put it up in this blog.
Aside from work, I really enjoyed being with the company of international students, foreign interns, to whom I have dined with, talked with, and laughed with. There are lots of lessons tidbits that I got from them and I think talking with them gave me a broader view of what lies beyond the borders of this poor, corruption-stricken, and lonely country of ours. I would personally want to experience the way they are spending their time now, studying on different places and having to meet people, and know people and earn friends you would treasure for the rest of your life. I feel that this is beginning to sound quite childish but I really salute those people who brave unknown places for the sake of learning.’s back at the academe and I expect to finish this certain period of my life and give something back for this country of ours through the skills that I have acquired after all these studying periods. (Halo!)
(i'm gonna miss the free coffee and puto from tita zen and free milo from ate roselle and all the chikas when all things get so tiring, hay...)

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